Life 3.0

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Life 3.0 – by Max Tegmark

‘Being human in the age of Artificial Intelligence’

Life has gradually grown more complex and interesting into 3 different tiers since the start of the Universe.

Life 1.0: Simple and biological. Can’t design it’s own software, and can’t design it’s own hardware – both are determined by DNA and change via evolution

Life 2.0: Cultural. Can survive and replicate. Can design its software like new skills – language, sports and professions. This flexibility has enabled humans to dominate the planet. While we can design our software, we can’t design our hardware

Life 3.0: The birth of a technological species. It can design both its software and its own hardware – causing an intelligence explosion and real possibilities of Artificial General Intelligence.

This book explores the range of scenarios that might be spawned from our AI future.

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