Image Recognition and Python Part 2

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This is the second video to my image recognition basics series. Image recognition can be used for all sorts of things like facial recognition, identifying what is in pictures, character recognition, and more.


baphnie says:

PIL library not available. I look forward to an update video!

og_condog says:

Any way to make this work with python 3?

Abbas khan says:

sir tell the easy way of face detection and face recognition

Siddesh Nevagi says:

thanks sir v much

RajyaLakshmi Kattoju says:

How to create dataset vth my own images

Harsh Gawai says:

from PIL import Image
import numpy as np

i ='images/dot.png')
iar = np.asarray(i)

print iar=(It gives invalid syntax to me)

nlcaspernl says:

'cause we're lazy' cringe

Ítalo Ximenes says:

You beautiful human! I always wanted to learn image recognition. Thank you so much! o/

Shubham Shendre says:

can you please tell us how to achieve face recognition using facenet and inception model

Mohammed Rabiulla says:

can i capture image directly from webcam and save in database?

Rodrigo Benedet says:

thanks for this, keep it up

pradyotha nori says:

Thank you for the tutorial.
I have a problem.
When I execute the above code, the result 3-dimensional list contains lists like [255 255 255], with only 3 elements, unlike the result shown in the video with 4 elements per list.
Could you please help?

Youness Ighir says:

i want to follow your tutorial but i am using python 3.5.1 is that possible or just i stop because you are using python 2.7 thank you i hope you answer me and sorry for my bad english

Dra Gon says:

Hey! Thank you for your videos! But I met a little problem. That is, the result of 'print iar' is 'array(<PIL.JpegImagePlugin.JpegImageFile image mode=RGB size=100×40 at 0x77BBF08>, dtype=object)' instead of an nparray. Could you help me?

Qisuara Azdi says:

We also could use list(im.getdata()) instead of using numpy.

Bruce Lunde says:

How do you install the files for Pillow and numpy?  They have a file extension I do not recognize?

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