How to configure ZKTEco Biometric Attendance Device with ZKTime Software

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Tutorial : How to Install & configure ZKT Eco Biometric Attendance Device with ZKTime Software.

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thanks brother

Amir Naved says:

How can I get data from this device into my web application software

Vanessa Delacruz says:

can't connect.

Vanessa Delacruz says:

Is it the same with ZKTeco Model U300-C?

obrempong aninkorah says:

Please where can I get the software to download.

Njambuya says:

Hello Muhammed, I have a ZKTeco F18. How can I download the time attendance management software?

سيد اكرم حسين says:

video not clear bro

Sapama Solutions Africa says:

Is there a way that the software can automatically download the logs from the device without manually clicking download?


1alpacheeno says:

I am using BIO TIME 7.0 .
I can only add 2 devices with it , its working properly but I am unable to add more than 2 devices to it .
what should i do ? how to activate it for multiple devices …
I can add two devices which are working properly but unable to add further
guide me please , Thanks

Quejerlain Aldy Mabonzo says:

Hello guys
Please need some more informations about the device?

Electronic view says:

good . thank you

Masud Electrical says:

vai number ta deoya jabe

Jean Chukwura says:

Please how do I unlock the ADMIN ID from ZKTECO K30? Thank you.

Orel Nags says:

I have for 10 months and I love it!>>>  Great solution. Mine is inside the building so I can't judge for weather performance. The fingerprint scanner sometimes it takes more than once to recognize me. Very easy to use and add/delete codes and profile. Have worked great for our family, guests or even an Airbnb.

Balwinder Singh Sohi says:

You can take Check-time software for link with fingerprint system The Software able to make multi Shift and Manage employee Time Sheet for more info type #checktime

Martin Joro says:

Hi, how can i re-set and remove the password in zkteco devive that was once in-use so that i can re-configure it with new credentials?

Abdul Rehman says:

AOA Muhammed shafi, my device is not connecting to software anymore, it used to work but I unplugged lan cable and it stopped working, I installed software on a new pc and still can't connect.

I can ping to device and it replies but the software says connecting > failed.
PC ip is and device is:
Please suggest something.

Mark Honesta says:

I Have U270 Connecting to the device from the software is fine but when i try to register a fp the device machine is not reactingm, i mean the fp scanner is not showing any fp scanning

hardeep singh bhati says:

How can i connect with laptop through usb cable ?


Do you have the old firmware/ this firmware ? Please let me know, I am in urgent need of it. Thanks in advance.

Mastering Code says:

Hi Muhammed Thanks for the video.
i am facing a problem it says failing to connecting with device when i try to connect
i did everything that you did in the video,
But i am not sure what is the ip address that you put in the computer network.

dailyreport granjur says:

Anyone knows how to fix a f18 standalone that is in a continuous state of rebooting?

Jalil Ahmed says:

Boss plz akta solution chai. ami RF card replace korte chai that means akta worker chole geche oi workarer against a ami card dite chai new employee ke. amader companyte total device ache 9ta. Akhon question holo ami kivabe aksathe sob machine theke previous user r data delete korbo….? cz amader akhane finger ache & amader total employee 1500. pls bro help me…

Dawa Hoàng says:

pls helpp me change screen of machice by my picture 🙂 my email is

Md. Ahsanul Haque Bappy says:

very nice video, Thanks. Sound will be more helpful.

Tasawar Rashid says:

I can repair zkteco f18 (authentication failure error or restart device in Linux logo)
please contact 03334431996

Cryptocurrency information says:

Good job
if need some one support contect me in saudi arabia as free no charge

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