How to book appointment for Biometric enrolment- CANADA

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How to book appointment for Biometric enrolment- CANADA


finch rick says:

How to get biometric in this covid situation…??

Joy Alphanso says:

Hello, While adding applicant, in the First name box do we add our 'first name' only or the 'Given Name' as per passport. Actually my given name on passport is 'my first name and my middle name'. Could you please let me know?

Aman Kumar Singla says:

Hello Sir,
I think your select appointment category information is worng. There are mentioned three options and I am so much confused with first and second option. I don't know which option is correct.
Please let me know what is the difference between application submission with biometric and Biometric enrollment.

Dynamic Daljeet says:

If there is mistake in the biometric letter . how can v correct it ..

Sotota Computer says:

Thank you for your video advice with appointment

manpreet kaur says:

My account has been locked and there is a message that please try after two minutes but still not allowing me

Destiny Wil says:

Great video and well done sir. Please can I have the link for the biometrics appointment online. Thanks in advance…

Rajnish Thakur says:

Hey…please share link of login to VFS site

Aarti singh says:

Hlo my accounts is locked 2 time my username or password is always income can u help me

Kp Singh says:

Sir i did not get biometric instruction letter yet but my appointment is schedule tomorrow. Please teach me how to reschedule my biometric appointment

Sanamdeep Sandhu says:

link send krdo plz sir

Malkit Singh says:

There is no link in description

harshil parikh says:

Sir can we apply for biometrics before the visa application ?

Raj Sandhu says:

Sir canada student visa biometric fees kitni hai?

Amit Singh says:

I submitted the file one week ago but still I do not receive the biometric instructions letter how much it takes?

Emi Phạm says:

thank for your share
I just dont know should select 1, 2 or 3 in No. of applicants and like you said I chose 1 for myself.

Lili Lilac says:

I’m trying to make an account as I’m a new user every time I did my password it won’t accept😭still trying any help?application going to norway

Sharon Mavera says:

Please whats your email address I would like to contact you

Sharon Mavera says:

hello Sir…they have sent me my biometrics collection letter where do I go for miometrics here in northern cyprus? please help

Ramanpreet Kaur says:

Where is Canada embassy actually I want to apply study visa

Bipin Ghimire says:

Why "There are no open seats available for selected center – Norway Visa Application Center" message appears when we try to book the appointment?

Noor Khan says:

i have applied for an appointment but appointment letter is not opening without password..which password should i use to open it?

Monika Bajaj says:

How to book appointment from Australia

Julius llaguno says:

thank for this. very helpfull

Fahim Ul Kabir Khan says:

When i try to login shows that 'the page isnt Working " what to do? I tried from THE vfs website as well. Shows same thing

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