How It Works: IBM Watson

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Discover how IBM Watson, as a cognitive technology, processes information more like a human than a computer -- by understanding natural language, generating hypotheses based on evidence and continually learning. For more information on IBM Watson, please visit:

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Werl 01 says:

This is a very long way to say: it does this but we don’t know how.

Xonk Law says:

Watson, how do I sex?????? :((((((

Existence33 says:

a few questions:
can i have a conversation with watson?
can watson become completely self aware and try to kill me?
can watson take over my computer?
can watsong insult me?
please try to answer those

Dorra Hadrich says:

I think IBM Watson should be enhanced in order to "update" the informations it has without the intervention of human! As it can process new information and compare it to the old one, try to distinguish which one is "true" (taking in consideration the date, the logical analysis …) and replace it…

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