How Does Facial Recognition Work? | Brit Lab

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Greg Foot explains how computers can recognise our faces by looking at us and what we might be able to do with it in the future.

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Andre Newcomb says:

There are public health potentials besides justice potentials. Want to make sure that 'marketing' doesn't lay claim to it all.

Mohamed Moustafa Aly says:

Please stop this music it is so annoying

Bipin Oli says:

lazy work. Better show some animations or pictures instead of waving hands

messazoic says:

So basically Facebook is turning ctOS into a reality

Rammah Felemban says:

no one can answer simple question .. how laser sensor work ?

Léa KOWALIK says:

This video does not explain how face recognition work, what a waste of time

Jewels Okike says:

Government jobs tend to do facial recognition or finger print identification.

Jewels Okike says:

For who safety mine or yours. What kind of job is this?

JackInABox says:

hit or miss

Hussain Mujtaba says:

can some please tell me what will be the processing time for a specific image if we have a large dataset (e.g 100000 pictures)

Decoding the Deception says:

Facial Recognition – Break From The Herd!

Australian Gamer says:

What’s with the counter in the bottom left

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