How AWS Is Changing Businesses Using Artificial Intelligence

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The future of business is here! WIRED and Amazon Web Services take a deep dive into the world of AI and deep learning to show how significant and impactful they can be for businesses. Learn more about Machine Learning on AWS at -


D Russell says:

Meaning what? What does it do!? More violent spin.

A1A Media Network says:

How may it assist in the distribution of digital media?

Endless Void Studios says:

optimized to perform 10 times better …… 10 times better than what ?

D Wigglesworth says:

Nailed it! Accurate. Concise. No BS. No obfuscating. No oversimplifying. That's reassuring. And it's not surprising that this is coming from AWS; the cloud provider with the most "skin in the game"

Raymond says:

1:28 ka-ching for you AWS, haha. 😀

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