Healed through A.I. | The Age of A.I.

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The human body is not infallible, but through the wonders of A.I. research scientists are finding ways to address those imperfections. A.I. has the potential to heal, enhance and make up for the things our bodies lack.

To learn more about project Euphonia and how to participate, visit g.co/Euphonia.

The Age of A.I. is a 8 part documentary series hosted by Robert Downey Jr. covering the ways Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks will change the world.

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YouTube Originals says:

You spoke and we listened! Subtitles are now available in French, German, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese (BR) and Spanish for the first four episodes. Get ready for the final four episodes of Age of AI launching on January 15th!

David Gaudette says:

Dude.. You need to cut your yellow beard off..

gaurangarora says:

Couldn’t stop my tears for minutes after 34:34

Johnny Depp says:

This is the most beautiful thing I've every seen in my entire life.
It was so touching and emotional. Thank you Google.♥️

Prakash Kumar P says:

This attempt made by the Tech companies in improving the support systems for the healthcare institutions and patients affected by serious health problems is really appreciable.
Thanks for YouTube Originals to bring out this effort made by these people yo the whole world through such a series.

אביעד קליין says:

How the f*ck this video got dislikes?
What's wrong with you?

Suman Das says:


tdreamgmail says:

We've eradicated epidemics … /cue Curb music

Jo Mac says:

Wow…this episode enhanced my love for technology!

mehmet avşar says:

Turkish subtitles should be added, there is a large audience here. Please..❤


10:38 Attempting to create One algorithm for every unique speech and voice pattern is nearly Futile. I would Establish pre-trained or partially developed subroutines or cultural algorithm. This is similar to a child speech or behavioral development. By being exposed to and exercised in a variety of scenarios the unique personality traits and individual requirements should resolve quickly within AI learning. I would presume that the greater number of AI suspended states of learning and customization would result in maximizing the result driving efficiency.

Byjus Tab says:

Let's be honest! We came here because we saw Robert Downey Jr Sir
I love you Sir Huge Fan

The Unstoppable says:

It's just an amazing

WillowJon T.V. says:

I really enjoyed the video. It was inspirational to see people and technology working together in such harmonious and unprecedented ways. Heres's to the future.

Tulasi Sudhakar says:

what happened for Tim shaw please reply for my comment

Tulasi Sudhakar says:

i like AI it is developed technology

Tulasi Sudhakar says:

the age of ai is marvelous

Kechto says:


Danny Cupper says:

hey YouTube I hope your AI can take a hint from my bot that automatically dislikes a video everytime I get two consecutive ads!

Arthur Aguiar says:

I totally lost it at 35:16

Gotowarlion 12 says:

Keep on going ALS

Joes Cathbert says:

16:13 unexpected

Las bestias de George says:

Cried twice with this video 🙏💚

Karthikeyan Subramani says:

I didn't expect to see my mother tongue Tamil content in this wonderful article. Now we can imagine the possibilities of AI in healthcare system.

djllroy dave angel says:

solo buscan que seamos sus juguetes y esclavos aparte de ser ya su alimento.

Mukunda Boruah says:

why am i crying????

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