GTC 2017: Introducing NVIDIA DGX-1 and DGX Station (NVIDIA keynote part 9)

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NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang introduces the NVIDIA DGX-1 with Tesla V100 for accelerating AI research and the NVIDIA DGX Station, an AI supercomputer for the desktop. He's joined on stage by Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure, who talks about the companies' work together on Microsoft's Cognitive Toolkit framework and GPU-accelerated cloud computing.


HotDogCuc Leung says:

I can almost use this price to buy a tesla models too!

metalim says:

$69'000 for miditower computer… Seems legit.

Aravind harsan says:

can i use this computer for lumion 7 software

Aby says:

you are a moron, you are a thief, a great liar, a disgrace to your investors, the worst ceo any employee could ever not want to wish for, you knwo nothing about ethics and you are constantly 2 3 years behind schedule…now you offer a 4000 dollar server that mounts maximum 15000 dollars of hardware that by the time people will get the v100 it will be already obsolete…shame on you, you deserve to be behind bars with no parole ever.

Luke Riley says:

But can it run minecraft 100fps?

Maria Pires says:

bis bis bis 😀 i want one my credit card is ready


69K is quite steep for an AI engineer 🙁

Eddie S says:

Can your fancy V100 put videos together and make it one long one?

Ak47 says:

where is the new gpy madapucker

ColossalSquid says:

And Trump wants to prop up the coal industry…

Vin Lee says:

Damn it Jim! my credit limit is only 2000. i cant buy it :((

Cyborg Musashi says:

Nvidia DGX Station… my next home Personal Computer 🙂

Lord Lima Bean says:

What cpu does the dgx workstation use?

Mercy Clips says:

but can it run crisis?

Alpha Plays says:

does it run chrisis?

john hendrickson says:

can u game on that dgx1 …theoretically?

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