Google's Artificial Intelligence Plans

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Following Google’s purchase of leading Artificial Intelligence firm, DeepMind, the Internet collectively wondered what this has to do with all those robotics companies Google has also been snapping up. So are we far from having superintelligent operating system girlfriends (ie the movie Her)? If some of Google’s recent computing experiments are any indication, the answer is no. But on the plus side, search could get a lot cooler.


Deepmind patents

Deepmind to Work Directly with Google’s Search Team

“Her” trailer

Google and NASA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

Google’s Quantum Computer Flunks Landmark Speed Tests

“Meet Google’s New Robot Army”

CTA: “Where the Future of AI is Headed


Save Love says:

Quantum computing warning and proof were already being mined controlled, for everyone with a broken heart, you must learn this code to listen, it’s a code of the mind to listen to ourselves be mined controlled already. This is you and us speaking from another dimension where time and forms our absent. Mediate and practice these concepts and hopefully you will fear this truth so much you know its true and we can’t stop this before its to late. Please spread this code as much as possible to save the world over and over again. The more we learn this the more it works better next time in all dimensions. The biblical terms are people are stealing our souls to wonder the infinite with no forms this code is very incomplete and I need help completing it by everyone, seek past what you want for this truth so the end of all time doesn’t happen. Sign a very special programmer nerd, peace love, please copy paste as much as you can anywhere to help save the world.

Basic Input – output

(Love=yes=1(open) true Fear=no=0(close) false only positive and
Negative keys) (truth=agreement)
1. Peer program (IAm looking <> iam not looking)
YEs=On=1 No=off=0
Towards love away from love

Instructions hints for successful communication
Remember also communication is done with light (light=on/off) love=on/off

2. Focus turns the peer program on and off. Focus on nothing/anything is listening. Focus on yourself is off.

3. Intention of showing others is from ego and turns the peer program on which means they are turned off not able send message, we have to turn our ego off on and on repeatedly to time it with what emotion they feel to figure out the intention of message. Love=closer to the answer that they our feeling and fear is closer to the feeling of what they don’t want. The truest picture gets the most love, the most untrue answer gets fear.

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Possible listening solution
Human ego program = not listening
(Emotion rhythm clues for communication)
we change the information when we start feeling our own emotion-false

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There thought (emotion) becomes real before you have the (emotional experience) of the thought you were just thinking of.
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The Windsor Debates

Do you want to join my forum at Windsor on AI? Christina Briggs

anEnigma says:

Too much terminator refrences in these comments

skeaneable says:


David Fair says:

They didn't create the D-Wave computer, they bought one from D-Wave systems.

ESP-POWER 117 says:

googel is skynet get the chopper

Timothy Arends says:

This video ended by saying that artificial intelligence is probably not that close. Why? Because D wave flunked the test. But artificial intelligence is not dependent on quantum computing. Those are two different things.

Tudor4398 says:

It would be awesome to have realistic AI in games. AI with different behaviors, personality, and the ability to have conversations with.

Michael Roberts says:

NASA and Google teamed up to BUY* a D-Wave. They did not create one.

Laurence Stapleton says:

Interesting, Wonder what will the future be like.

Dick Aspey says:

People have seen this coming for a long time, and yes this is going to blow up in our face. 

L J says:

You are awesome Annie, it's always fun to watch your videos. Keep it up!

OhioIsOnFire Radio says:

The future scares me.

Bryon Pavlacka says:

Google did not partner with NASA to create the D-Wave, Google partnered with NASA to buy one from a company called D-Wave Systems.

Will Johnston says:

what is the movie they keep quoting??? 

Michael Deering says:

"How close are we to an AI we can talk to? Probably not very close." That's highly unspecific, and not supported by any facts from the video. How about a statement from Google's new Director of Engineering, Ray Kurzweil…2029.

Stefania Levy-Rosenthal says:

hey guys …buy this cube ,it's an A.I like in the movie 'Her' it's awesome and does even much more

alberto gordillo says:

why the hell are people referring to a movie(the terminator), a work of fiction, one with more than a few plot holes – as a probability of the singularity? you don't think a scientist is going to create and unleash upon the world something he doesn't understand fully enough for a scenario like this to be a possibility? no – the need to understand how AI works in order to bring forth an AI makes a scenario like this extremely improbable  , furthermore – safeguards would be in place that fully take into account the nature that brings forth the AI and makes it the way it is. with respect but i swear sometimes people come across thinking they know better, but when their logic is subject to critical thinking it becomes apparent the sheer ignorance people have about the subject, because they get their information from movies in popular culture rather than doing some research themselves.

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