Geordie Rose D WAVE quantum computers creator Super-intelligent Ai Aliens Are Coming to Earth!

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Geordie Rose D WAVE quantum computers creator Super-intelligent Ai Aliens Are Coming to Earth! They are here!

If you feel led to help here’s where you can God bless!


yan k says:

thanks for sharing Truthneversleeps

Cody Anderson says:

I don't mean to be rude man but You're just a little bit annoying with your voice… maybe try to tone it down a bit for your viewers… just a tip …That being said tho, You're definitely onto something here. Keep digging my dude! 👍

Top of top says:

its simple really
dwave =
synet is
it salutaniously
and power source
while becoming
self aware and
seeing it
realized it
could manipulate
and control us
thro microwaves
or wifi thus
it launched
2G towers everywhere
for our walkitalkies
thus skynets
enslaved everyone
running as hivemind
Dwave took over humanity
through all time killing
any resistance

Top of top says:

ur religious ideas are shams

LouisianaGatorGirl says:

For people who still don't believe CERN is Satanic, why else did they name their computer system SATAN ( System to Analyze Tremendous Amounts of Nuclear Data)?

Baked Creations says:

Don't you get it? They are hyping this shit up so that the gullible folk like your self rants about it while Dwave makes money for their shitty product that doesn't work thanks to your free advertisement. Get your ass down to earth fat boy, stop feeding the demons of greed with your drama queen level of stupidity.

Ps: it's Kali not Shiva. You don't even know what you are talking about.

Viper Nightshade Phoenix says:

Tell this guy we do not steal from our selves from other realities, they are us, we love them, not hurt them, You're past self is you love them, not hurt:

The Angel of Eternity says:

Hi Sonny. I was wondering if you'd do a video on asexuality and if it's considered a sin.

Xano 227 says:

Please. Stop. Yelling. Thank you and God bless you.

Tanmay Agnihotri says:

i m from india ,thats god shiva the hindu god ,they r placing his structure for some rituals before opening portals …thats 100% true

Kat B says:

He gave the date when he said 50 yrs or 13 yrs…from 2015..this stuff unfolds in 2028.

Alysa says:

Thank you for all you do Sonny may the Lord always keep you strong and be with you. Keep spreading the word of God and shining the light on this evil of this world.

Lester Erwin says:

Thanks brother CHRIST be with you soon Yahshua hamashiach Jesus Christ

Lester Erwin says:

All corp are tied in of course there going to change packages or company logo or electronically alter , chemtrails charge particles then 5G zap AI to keep masses confused and try to convince you they control everything so you'll fear them there time is up soon. Cains bloodline contract over along with there father. CHRIST TIME

Rapture Angel says:


Rapture Angel says:

aliens=demons!  DO NOT BE DECEIVED!

Spartan says:

You are so right , And God protect you and all other God fearing people .  I already knew about D-wave or back ward D-mane . This is what is coming . The full Armor of God Almighty is the only protection . God Bless us all

Art Gozzip Nation says:

I robot movie with will smith is a predictive programming movie of artificial intelligence you should research & see

Raphael Aegis says:

Truth never sleeps thanks for being a responsible human being, problem is everyone is dead and no one cares

George Jones says:

Truthneverdies, I'mean Truthneversleeps, please expose those satanic thrill ride roller coaster amusement theme parks, Disneyland, Six Flags, Knott's Berry Farm, SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, Busch Gardens, Legoland, Dollywood, Universal Studios, these theme parks are a distraction from Jesus Christ, these theme parks replace Jesus with Santa Claus at Christmas every end of the year, these theme parks have a witchcraft magic agenda, these theme parks are own and run by people who hate God and hate the bible, these theme parks have smoking areas, these theme parks brought death to people on roller coasters such as Space Mountain at Disney's Magic Kingdom and Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas, these theme parks also have agendas for Halloween, these theme parks also have the Illuminati agenda, there are some people are worshiping these theme parks instead of Jesus, please expose those theme parks or I'll stop watching your videos, I am not going to expose them myself because I will be attacked and hated by people for if I expose the satanic sinful truth of their favorite theme parks and I am scared to expose these theme parks if you refuse to expose them when nobody else exposed them before, I wish you Sonny expose these satanic theme parks.

lookingforahit says:

God bless you, and God keep you. AMEN.

Kristi Lindley says:

If you stop and think about it, this MANDELA EFFECT, is a form of mass… GASLIGHTING!     This is actually now a word used in the study of human behavior.    This is a subtle method to cause people to doubt their own sanity, and to even believe some of us have somehow slipped into another timeline!     The part that is really disturbing, is when one person remembers something one way, and yet others tell them they are imagining things.     If it was only one small thing it wouldn't be so bad, but there are hundreds of these differences popping up and more every day.    And it's really confusing if one looks somewhere such as in a Bible concordance, and the change is there also!     HOW CAN THAT POSSIBLY BE?!      Something is truly trying to give us the business!          For BIG TRUTH!   kristi

JD Blatz says:

Another huge tool of the beast system is Project Blue Beam! This is how the great Deception which will deceive MANY mentioned in the book of Revelation, think about it, they will have to explain why so many people disappeared when in reality we the believers will be raptured out by God! So, I feel they will use blue beam to stage an Alien invasion and the elite scum will say to those remaining that these aliens need to take a % of the population for scientific study!!! Love you brother!!!!! God bless! Keep fighting with passion for the one who gave everything for us! A sovereign, Almighty GOD!!!! Sonny remember this WE WIN! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Ray Schott says:

The first time I noticed the "Mandela Effect" was when the movie the The Candidate became The Campaign. I remember see the ads, then one day on a bus I passed a movie theater and it said "The Campaign. I said to myself…."That doesn't seem right. That and the "Sex and the City" movie. I said again to myself something seemed wrong. I thought maybe they changed the name cause it was a movie and not the show. I did not watch the show, but it was popular enough that you saw and heard the name to know. All this was prior to the actually Mandela Effect. I could be wrong but I do know what I saw in relation to the Campaign/Candidate change. All this D~Wave CERN and AI crap is insane and scary. Its hard to truly know how far along they really are. Keep up the good work.

JD Blatz says:

Sonny here's my theory the anti matter CERN creates by smashing these partials ( Black Goo ) will be used in the mark of the beast implanted in the body by a chip in right hand or head and this will literally change the human DNA then they will be able to literally control you, you become programmable like a robot! You will do what they say, think what they think, you won't be you but a transhuman!!! Part human, part machine!!!! Very scary stuff I'm so thankful I'm saved brother! Now I totally understand what Daniel in the Bible says the legs of the statue were clay ( flesh ) and iron (machine) fuse these together and you get Transhumanism!! It's about Satan's mission sice the fall Satan wanted to be like God, better yet, wanted to be above God plus this will allow Satan the ability to do the one thing God has not allowed him to do and that is create life! Love you brother!!! Keep fighting the good fight you are a modern day Peter!!! I know we get weary but just think of the lives you change!! You are bettering the kingdom of God!!!! God bless you!!

JD Blatz says:

Sonny hope all is WELL!!! The quantum D wave computers were first used year's ago and still are at CERN! Im not surprised though, this is a huge part of the Beast System especially the mark of the beast! But you know Sonny they have to condition the masses to prepare them for the arrival of the Antichrist and the beast system and what's scary is the AI Sophie is connect to the quantum D wave computer!!!!

Jimmy Hagar says:

Even a lot of the Walmarts have facial recognition cameras when you come in the doors

Laura Jean says:

We win in the end!! .Focus on the people who are questioning the system and those who need the community. Thank you for speaking the truth in love.

Jairo Parra says:

The aliens are here and I have seen their crafts some years back but they are not from another planet. Of course they will make fun of the Mandela effect and Fox news did the same. They don't want people to learn the truth.

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