Elon Musk's AI Company Created Virtual Robots That Sumo Wrestle

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This artificial intelligence may look goofy but they’re smarter than you think. OpenAI’s bots can teach themselves how to sumo wrestle and play soccer.

They learn using a “self-play” training process. The robots learn new skills in small increments by competing against copies of themselves. The winners go on to play other bots.

They can acquire physical skills like tackling, ducking, faking, kicking, catching and diving.

By achieving goals, they get smarter.

OpenAI has some big-time backers including Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and Peter Thiel.

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Gekyume says:

When your squaring up with someone but one one hits first: 0:16

Maroon Gets Redder says:

Next year you go to a wwe match for this

Dark Bishop says:

That's how high schoolers slap box

mr.kitloin says:

0:16 when a special ed kid finds the other special ed kid who took his lightning mcqueen stickers

mr.kitloin says:

When one special ed kid fins the other one who took his lightning mcqueen stickers

Christian Wiese says:

Who made this music? Can't find it anywhere.

Daniel In Paradise says:

Hey look it’s Adam1.0 and Eve 1.0

Sherri Viz says:

This is frightening

Hisham Khedarun says:

name of music please

Mooneeverse says:

They look like birds doing mating dances

sarin thiyaphea says:

Ahhhhh yes they are smarter then us

Water says:

– –
| |

CozmicPlayz Minecraft says:

These bois are more athletic than me

Professor Element01 says:

The dance of the potato inside a bagle

W Y says:

Breaking news. AI robots taught themselves to attack humans

TomFoodKungFu says:

I'm from October 19th 2019

TheMemer says:

real footage of me fighting my sister for the last poptart, 2019, colorized

Stick Animations says:

In a couple years their gonna do that to you

Epic Doge says:

Better title: Elon musk's company ripped off sumotori dreams

Luke Coupland says:

Starts with sumo wrestling ends with destruction of humanity

Background Character J says:

Elon: warns about the dangers of AIs and how they could be a potential threat
Also Elon: lets make wrestling AIs

Brendan Greene says:

0:45 look at those dance moves!

ReXyo says:

Why does the green one look like it’s trying to do the Naruto run

人悲しい says:

How bout cpu in video games

spagettisammich says:

If this is downloadable sign me up. This would make a good betting game to see who wins.

sydney says:

Tesla maker: what model of Tesla were you thinking of this time?

Elon Musk: …no.

Barack Obama says:

They look like two ducks fighting over a piece of bread while flailing their arms around.

StoneBoy 007 says:

“What is my purpose?”
“You sumo wrestle.”
“Oh my god.”

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