Disney’s Stunt Robots Could Change How Hollywood Makes Action Movies | Movies Insider

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Disney’s new “Stuntronics” are flying stunt robots that perform acrobatic feats. How does the technology work? Could these bots be used in action movies, even replacing human stunt doubles? We spoke to top stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton to find out.


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Disney’s Stunt Robots Could Change How Hollywood Makes Action Movies | Movies Insider


999 says:

One day they will turn it on to us

Tyler Blanton says:

It can't do alot of things and one would have to almost look identicle to the person like the rocks stunt man is his cousin because if not it would look like shit

Thaashvini kunalan says:

Stickman looks like my brother

Niki Hyun says:

Plot twist : if they gave the robot AI brain, then robot learning all human stunt movement quietly, well we just wait for coup d'etat.

Reason says:

All the bot could do is swing. It can't even walk yet which is much more complicated

Aitor Karanka says:

Disney wants to save even more money the greedy fucks

Erich Kmett says:

99% sure this is for Avengers Campus it looks like it’ll be in the background as Spider-Man swinging

Erich Kmett says:

Except we all know it’s actually for Avengers Campus… I see what you’re doing Disney you can’t fool me it’s all for Spider-Man!!!

Chew Her says:

No more lawsuits. Please make a robot wife for me.

Kakarot Gohan says:

Dude is living in denial

brain freeze says:

This is great because it means less people will get hurt but also a lot of people will lose their jobs

donna Kim says:

Well they will be the end of us before 2021. Will all the shit going on in 2020 they will be our end haha

Joe Sheppard says:

Disney making cuts real soon,save a bundle

Teddster Pinx says:

Too bad no one is going to see them now

crazboy21 says:

And they said robots wouldn't take your job.

TheDazzler420 says:

That stunt performer is blue pilled, and will be obsolete quickly.

Dalisu Ngobese says:

Oh Bobby, you are so naive

Chris Peck says:

CGI looks great they should get hired by NASA🤔

Andy Lassiter says:

What happens when all the out of work stuntmen start robbing banks? Think about it these guys do dangerous stuff every day, pulling all kinds of insane stunts. So we might just see movie scenes come to life in helicopter footage.

Basadict says:

Just don’t sell them to any PD.

Lindo Makhathini says:

When artificial intelligence takes over these are the robots that are gonna be kicking 💥 our asses instead of the cops

Chicago Made says:

Disney is incredible…this is truly amazing

Karman Shah says:

As if Vision was created in real life

Shuvo Speaking says:

Now you know what we're gonna do after Tom Cruise or Jackie Chan gets too old.

s6underground says:

Imagine when they mix that tech with the stuff Boston dynamics is producing. And they make police bots. We're all gonna be f'd in the A'.

sonnick says:

It's only a matter of time until we are all obsolete 😟

Carnage Kraven says:

Well you can expect terminators existing very soon. Humanity is fucked

Graphic World says:

Hollywood should stop pedophilia first

austin kruppenbacher says:

The robot they show is actually going to be Spiderman swinging around avengers HQ at Disney world Orlando

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