Deep Learning Vs Machine Learning | AI Vs Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning

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Deep Learning Vs Machine Learning | AI Vs Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning
Hello and welcome to Acadgild’s tutorial on data science.
In this video, we explain the difference between three key concepts artificial intelligence vs machine learning vs deep learning – to understand how they relate to the field of data science.

First up, artificial intelligence or AI! What is it?
Artificial intelligence is simply any code, technique or algorithm that enables machines to mimic, develop and demonstrate human cognition or behavior.

We are in, what many refer to as, the era of “weak AI”. The technology is still in its infancy and is expected to make machines capable of doing anything and everything humans do, in the era of “strong AI”.
To transition from weak AI to strong AI, machines need to learn the ways of humans. The techniques and processes, which help machines in this endeavor are broadly categorized under machine learning.
Machines learn in predominantly two ways. Their learning is either supervised or unsupervised.
In supervised learning, machines learn to predict outcomes with help from data scientists.
In unsupervised learning, machines learn to predict outcomes on the go by recognizing patterns in input data.

When machines can draw meaningful inferences from large volumes of data sets, they demonstrate the ability to learn deeply.
Deep learning requires artificial neural networks (ANNs), which are like the biological neural networks in humans. These networks contain nodes in different layers that are connected and communicate with each other to make sense of voluminous input data.

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, which in turn, is a subset of artificial intelligence.
The three technologies help scientists and analysts interpret tons of data and are hence crucial for the field of data science.
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Thank you for watching and happy learning!

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gaeb1811 says:

If machine learning is a subset of AI, what would be an example of AI without ML?


Can You suugest me an idea for my Final Year Project that is related to Artificial Intelligence??

Sai Pranav.Y says:

Wow! I really loved it! Thank you Acadgild!

Andre Pierce says:

this why i say the AI isn't smarter then me or the people who created them in there physical realms dreams the AI can simply out perform my current state meaning it can simply win if it feel winning at the game we play too be relevant the fact a humans or other lifeforms never is complete is that there no point where people or living beings stop trying to develop there no such level as a perfect being or complete being meaning constant understand and forever learning we are Master students the AI is a Master teacher is a sense meaning the intellectual reach a perfect state and can't reach anymore growth true consciousness adopts to learning and expand to a higher understanding the fact machine operators on rules is what limit us living energy creations it own rules to follow but in are spiritual form the things you call evil in the physical realm is actually innocent and pure in the spiritual form after all energy flows with energy it no such thing as big and small greatest, least or anti meaning opposite point of force energy don't have rules therefore it is never wrong the term righteous indirect the real truth is in the fresh suits we aren't are true self the energy is tamed and the out put is lowered to what we can do accept in the dream world or sleeping states true love is endless the fact we all feel the intense human emotional out puts from each give us drawbacks because in the physical world the designer that trap the energy here create all these rules and it lowers are growth by keeping us in check a true imagination has no actually limit therefore we or i should say selves become reality bendors understand this almost impossible to explain we see examples but that no where what we really can do the machine will impose a limit meaning we a 3d and want to shit us to 4d or 5d too increase the play of the game or make it easier to keep up with are energy the reason we lack emotional sometimes or sad is because were free flowing energy and we know it was a game we never want to be trap in a cage

Ricky Sparks says:

ACADGILD: "Machines learns in predominately two ways supervised and unsupervised learning"

Reinforcement Learning: "AM I A JOKE TO YOU!"

Rohit kumar says:

Thanks dear😊😊😎😎

Super Node says:

Very good explanation with clear pictures

Prasanth Balendran says:

Superb man…!

q zorn says:

sweet, now back to Raspberry Pi and Rock64, etc. AI, ML, DL pyimagesearch and others. Thanks. 🙂

Final Boss says:

Clear explanation with full of pictures. Nice

Pratyush Srivastava says:

Thanks a lot!!!😀

Raman Venkat says:

wat abt feature of AI culd plz explain ACADGILD my mail id ""

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