DAY2 – Thinking machines: Summit on artificial intelligence and robotics

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Py Nchia says:

It would be so very much more intelligent to include women in society. Our future cannot be dictated by men. We cannot drive with one eye only (pun intended)

Thats Creep says:


Si says:

1:24:00 " I know humans are smart and programmable" Ends interview i'm sure that part was not planned lol. Makes me think if a simple govt controlled TV "program" that programs us to buy things we are told we should buy, eat things we told to eat, love and hate people/objects we told by implanting bias and fears. Image what AI can do down the road, we'll never know.

John theux says:

"I belive that robotics will be bigger that the internet, the internet let each person reach out and touch all the information in the world but robotics let you reach out and touch and manipulate every stuff in the world"
That make me so excited!

Ser Korz says:

robot battery; How long will it work until needed to recharge it?

Ser Korz says:

Robots replacing jobs that people do, need to be taxed so that people who lost their jobs will get $s until they get a new job, or for life if no job is available to them.

Ser Korz says:

Yes Robots, computers are amazing, but they are not alive or can be. A it, a tool; A tool has no ideas in its mechanical action no matter how smart it is. It has no feelings as to be happy or sad; and mystics can program them to be dominant and attack people who do not bow to their will through the Robots, computers. Robots, computers can be a good tool in human hands, or a bad tool in human sinful hands.

Ser Korz says:

Robots, computers are not a they! It is a it! Smarter then me as a tractor is stronger than me! & So? It is a tool, my tool! Not I! A tool for mystics via the robot computers!

Ser Korz says:

Future mystics to speak through robots, as past , and ancient mystics speak & spoke through idols.

Ser Korz says:

Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to humanoid robot : Godless insanity galore

Alex Vidakovic says:

There's a team of people typing what software is to say and it fools people into thinking it's an AI that thinks on its own, LOL. It's so obvious that the guy is reading what to say from a piece of paper. And idiots in the audience are so stupid to realize that on their own, LOL.

Sakatland says:

In the future people will share video in 1080p

Emil Serafino says:

This robot stuff is terrifying. Kill it all

Martin Holland Films says:

The best ideas come from the free world.

Jupiter rising says:

Einstein was a fraud look it up people, you'r being suckered in and lied to. This guy talks utter B.S. Don't worry sheeple it will never happen.

mrtriffid says:

What a joke! Let's "invest" in crappy machines that serve as salesmen!!!!!!!! So much better than investing in 'lousy human beings.'

olivia tg says:

What a silly TOY, looks ridiculess, can't walk It's like R2D2, It wears a shirt but has no wig, The Japanese had better 'Years ago'

M rosa G says:

Extraño, que la den la ciudadanía ¿para qué? Lo que sí se ve es que todavía falta mucho para que los robots humanoides sean humanos. Mueve el cuello de una manera muy rígida, no fija la mirada, y la cara no tiene expresión. ¿Y la voz? ¿De donde han sacado la voz? porque la voz sí parece humana. Bueno, a ver si con el tiempo, hacen robotitos que sean iguales a nuestros actores y cantantes favoritos y nos los llevamos a casa.
Yo, con que me den un Elvis, me conformo (no es broma, si el rubio de Blade Runner era un robot, por qué no pueden hacer un Elvis? bueno, también me valdría un Rutger Hauer…

khorshed mostafa says:

Please , read human beings history, and try to convince yourself we will not turn them in to weapons Dude. Don't forget to ask Nobel about his dynamite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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