Can robots process crab?

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This robot is a crab terminator; an automated butchering machine. It’s a technical marvel, but will it terminate fish processing jobs?
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Justin Gibbons says:

This kills the crab

Trianon Alex says:

SpongeBob Is Placing an order 😉😁

Amy Falconer says:

Automation isn't the problem. Capitalism is the problem. Power to the workers.

MNanme1z4xs says:

Over complicated for a food processor, there are already much simpler machine that does the same. There is little to no outsourcing of food process, out sourced are the manufacturing and IT service. This isn't going to be cheaper than Mexicans, there isn't enough crabs can pay that, there is no shortage of labor supply, people are desperate, try harder fake news.

골그렉 says:

I believe greatness of science, but its so cruel to see this 🙁

Athanasius says:

Our only goal is to extract the meat.. This is the last thing humanity will hear.


I wish crabs could scream

Emilva James says:

I was wanting crab legs rn lol

maglight117 says:

In the year 2056, when the AI god uplifts crabs into super-intelligent beings. It shall be us on these demeating machines as atonement. For our crimes.

dragonforces says:

Robot attacks the crab's weak point for massive damage.

Allen Tripp says:

poor crab he made the best hexbug

A Vsaucy Boi says:

In the future, crab engineers create a crab like machine to destroy humanity

mccheeseburger01 says:

Sell it for a higher price?
As if crab is not already expensive enough. At least where I live.

LambertPlays says:

lmao rip crabbo.

CowsR4me says:

If robots are coming and boomers are leaving why do we need so much immigration? Am i missing something. Cool crab machine tho

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