Can AI help crack the code of fusion power?

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Practical fusion power, as the joke goes, has been “decades away…for decades.” But recent advancements in advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence promise to speed up the slow, slow progress towards a fusion-powered utopia. We visit one company that’s using machine learning to try and crack the code on fusion once and for all.

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Reporter: Rachel Becker
Producer: William Poor
Director: Brennan King, Cory Zapatka
Graphics: Alex Parkin
Camera: Wes Reel
Director of Audience Development: Ruben Salvadori
Social Media Manager: Dilpreet Kainth

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Verge Science says:

Do you think you’ll see a fusion power plant in your lifetime?

Corrine Tsang says:

china is going to the far side of the moon to mine helium-3 for nuclear fusion/


very good documentary film .
there is one problem , too much camera movement . please keep the camera steady try to use tripod for the camera .
every time you move the camera its looks very amateur !
please use tripod for the camera its more professional and please don't move the camera !

selphie says:

Eek Becker is a dumpster fire

fizban7 says:

"20 year old start up"
isnt that just like… a regular business by now?

cole says:

So we accidentally make a star and burn the earth to a crisp

gabrel gomez says:

People aren't getting smarter their getting dumber and this is a good example

Rod Schmidt says:

Have they tried simulated annealing?

GLR says:

There is no such thing as AI apparently…. it's all machine learning…

GLR says:


Clyde Cox says:

A gigantic waste of time.

Maçã Verde says:

Can't you produce an A.I. out of only physics and engineering?

Ryan Gibbons says:

Imagine if some of the lower budget or more off the beaten path atomic energy projects (talking beyond fusion right now, some other things)had free access to AI analysis tools!

Muhammad Abdullah Waseem says:

Mentions Fukushima

Chernobyl: Am i a joke to you

resound x says:

if you look at a magnet in ferrofluid you'll see that it creates spikes if you inverse those spikes you'll have Fusion

Mick Tuyay says:

Tae. Had to say it.


Or Chernobyl or Fukushima

Johnny Sparkleface says:

Christina Rea is hotter than the core of the sun. (but please don't use her for fusion.)

Lord Meatball says:

The solution is probably that we need to invest more energy to sustain an environment that creates fusion. This is like throwing bricks of coal into a furnace one brick at a time and seeing how the steam comes out and figuring out what the best way to collect steam is. If they really wanna progress, they need to throw the whole fuckin' pile in and let slip the dogs of chaos and see what happens. But like, repeatedly until they find a variable that works best.

Aaron Samaroo says:

They should try fusing in a vacuum

Robert Allen says:

Hydrogen fusion power the USA have since the 60 stees

localbroadcast says:

20 year old start-up>?????? Did I understand what she just said correctly??? 20 year old startup… Am I wrong for thinking this doesn't make any sense whatsoever?????

Billy Heng says:

Should !! using supercomputer algorithm for optimizer and adv. super AI. While to short cut, know your nature first ???? nature is the ultimate answer

BC says:

The reporter is thick !

Barnaby Jones says:

Milliseconds… And we've been working on it for decades. The AI could help speed this up considerably. I had some nuts on Twitter try to tell me commercial fusion was 5-10 years away and they scoffed at me when I said more like 30-50. Hope I'm wrong

Jessie Dizon says:

What if the future of getting free energy are letting the world live in a world of microwave system so just like Tesla always wanted that is why he created a electricity that cannot harm a person? 👽🤓🧐

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