Ben Goertzel On Why Artificial Intelligence Should NOT Reflect Human Values

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1211:


mehst one says:

Best part of the interview 3:10

Nino Brown says:

Wish he would talk about his non human kids he has in his lab. Not sayin its aliens. But its most likely 👽

Donna Monroe says:

Who is funding these robots?

NUKE says:

What if he's bold and there are hair strapped on his hat?

Just kidding! I love this guy and this topic!

Classic Rock Station says:

Personally, I would prefer this person have no hand in creating Artificial Intelligence. I respect his intellect and his perspective on human values are well-stated… but something is lacking… I'm not seeing conviction that ensures AI takes a back seat to humanity.

Loonytoones85 says:

"Our morals are a moving target". Hmmm, too bad there wasn't a short list of laws telling us what right and wrong were written by our Creator. Oh well, maybe AI will tell us what right and wrong is through "shared experience".

this is stevie says:

I understand what he's saying about basically raising AI like we raise and teach our kids, but looking at history, parents aren't the best at that

Stab Me says:

I think this is a clone of Ben Goertzel made by Ben Goertzel with the values of Ben Goertzel

rich808 says:

what if it's not a matter of AI getting angry or emotional, it's a matter of what they decide to do in an emotionless way against our interests

JAL says:

Once the Artificial Intelligence genie is out of the bottle … there is no putting it back …

Dominic says:

this guys makes me realize what a bubble joe is in. he just repeats the same clique fear inducing talking points and this dude just comes and shows how dumb they sound

william louthen says:

This guy kills the only albino cheetah in existance to make a hat.

Thomas A says:

This guy is like totally permafried but super intelligent at the same time. Maybe that’s still hope for my THC flooded brain

Kaotic404 says:

Free Will, that's what makes us Humans special.

Mn B says:

If this guy is at the head of his field in AI we are F'kd.

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