Automated Robotic Lamb Boning Room – SCOTT

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Close Scott and JBS have recently partnered with Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) to produce a customer testimonial video to showcase our meat processing technology at Bordertown Australia.

In this video we discuss the significant health, safety and yield benefits they have experienced since they have applied our technology.

The X-Ray Primal System automates the cutting of lamb primals, delivering highly accurate, clean primal cuts superior to anything produced by a human operator.

The X-Ray System provides the correct height and angle measurements for each cut. This provides a precise cut location at the correct angle and the dual rotating knife blades ensure a cleaner accurate cut.

The Middle System automates the bone-in processing of lamb middles. The system delivers improved yield, minimises waste, improves safety, increases labour efficiency and enables product optimisation.

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Nicola Pinto says:

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Kb B says:

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Ghulam Khadar says:

With this types of robotic technology children also can control and maintain,what amazing

majestic mathan says:

Is people still eating this after its long process..

ansari kalam says:

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Suhrab Sultanov says:

Good technology! How many meat do you make every day ?

The Last Spartan says:

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Moro says:

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