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This video guides you about the career in AI- Artificial Intelligence. Details of Colleges and Courses described here by Melsha. Machine Learning is becoming a promising career to the future. This video gives you the introduction about this field.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. This can include speech recognition, visual perception, language identification, decision making etc. All such systems you see around yourself which work on voice commands are basically artificial intelligence systems. Some of the subjects which will enhance your career in AI are Psychology, physiology of nervous system, programming languages, machine languages etc.

Some of the institutes in India which offer Master courses in Artificial Intelligence are:
• University of Hyderabad
• IIT Bombay
• IIT Madras
• IISc Bangalore
• ISI Kolkata
• IIIT Hyderabad
• IIT Kharagpur

Some of the best Universities in abroad offering Artificial Intelligence courses are:
• University of Southern California
• University of California
• Georgia Institute of Technology
• California Institute of Technology
• New Jersey Institute of Technology

JOB Opportunities:
There is a large scope of AI is in developing the machines in game playing, speech recognition machine, language detection machine, computer vision, expert systems, robotics and many more.There are job openings at public and private sectors which are American Association for Artificial Intelligence, European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence and many more.
The different job titles include Game Programmer, Robotic Scientist, Computer Scientist, Software Engineer etc.
Candidates wishing to apply for ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE courses should have
• A graduation in B.Sc. or B.E./B.Tech in relevant subject from a recognized institute or university.
Depending on the education you studied, based on the previous work experience, location that you will be working in India, the Salaries may vary from 4 lakhs to 24 lakhs.Experience strongly influences the pay for this job.

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