Artificial Intelligence Bomb

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budderowen2 says:

Wait… Is naruto here artificial intelligence?

Lorenzo Bertolini says:


KirbyLinkACW says:

This is, like, Tim Folin level.

XShadow BonnieX says:

Vid based offa vid based offa vid

meeM meeM says:

put it at .75 speeds and you get gud

budderowen2 says:

discription =
It is a song entered into the Famicom sound source competition "FAMICOMPO".

Lucas Sullivan says:

No, I'm sure I've heard this in about every pixel side scroller ever.

Jr. Jackrabbit says:

I laid in bed humming the chorus to this song for like 15 minutes wondering WHERE THE HELL IT CAME FROM.
At least I know now.

Xenrus Xenomorph says:

Naruto; the lord of techno

Adam Eason says:

ok, so i came from a weird berd guy, that linked to a spongebob video, that linked to a Futurama video, that FINALLY took me here, to the original.

Napstablock13 says:

Sounds like some sweet rpg music right there

Hitmonbug says:

i tought this was music from a sonic game

Just a Mimikip says:


Cameron McKee says:

This is my JAM

Danielius Z says:

8-bit intesifies

Christian Amaro Merino says:


Alex Moore says:

I had to go through like three different videos just to get to here.

fierce tooth says:

Anyone wanna play some 80s games with me?

Kaiden Hurkley says:

Change the speed to 0.5x speed. You won't be disappointed.

KirbyStar2003 says:


HerpDerpity Purple says:

This song is perfect

Drobix says:


Cinnabonni Art says:


AllMight Plus Ultra says:


the minesweeper guy says:

why did I think about someone reading paradoxes such as:"this sentence is wrong"?
I mean that's what an artificial intelligence bomb is right?

SugarCrystal says:

I found it lmao

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