Anki's AI-powered toy robot

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Cozmo is an AI robot from startup Anki, a company best known for making small race cars that connect to your smartphone. With Cozmo, the company hopes it can sell kids and adults alike on the promise of advanced artificial intelligence and robotics all bundled together in a Pixar-like toy. When Cozmo launches in October, Anki will let anyone access the company’s code to start tinkering with the robot and building third-party apps.


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RoseBudpony1 says:

i love the Wall-E expressions!!

Arturo Chavez says:

I love. THe. Robot

paul reyes says:

I. wish. I. had. Cosmo

Alex Stoyo says:

Wonder what happens if you put more then one with another.

Belinda Lugo says:

Make a new video

Journey, ABZÛ GamePlay says:

Can it do your homework?

Neo Louis Ramos says:

This is coming on my bday. Wow.

Just Another Animator says:

It's not a toy, it's made to be a friend

Bas van de Kleut says:

It's so cute!

Nati H says:

Walle + Cleaner Bot = Cozmo

Bernay Hanson, the Phantom's Student says:

Cozmo is so cute. I could hold him in my hand.

Peter Long says:

"What is my purpose?" – "You pass butter".

Dallas Dunlap says:

Nice robot!

RayanAyaan Adventures Archive says:

I just wish you could lower the price

Hunniya Hassan says:

RO butts are talking over the world with there cuteness

Hunniya Hassan says:

i might be getting 80/100 chance yay

Arty Jessie says:

Maybe its just me, but does this robot remind you of that cleaning bot Moop for Wall-e

AnonyBlu says:

Basically Wall-E and Eve's son. xD

wumingbong says:

Its a really ugly looking robot.

Krunoslav Šokić says:

…skid-steer loader with googly eyes…:P

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