Amazon is using AI in almost everything it does

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CNN’s Rachel Crane goes inside Amazon HQ to see how Amazon uses AI to improve customer experiences, from cashier-less stores to Alexa’s new tricks.


Mirtza Griffin says:

How unhealthy to be have mass surveillance of your personal food habits and to have all those scanners and radio waves around you while purchasing food. The lady representing Amazon does not realize her voice sounds automated. People will buy into the illusion of a more effortless process at the expense of being manipulated, be listened into (Amazon admitted Alexa allows their associates to listen in on your conversations at home in the name of providing better services) in their own homes. PEOPLE have to be ignorant or brainwashed to accept this.

Galactic French Fry says:

idk if that indian guy is a real human
which real human would say heck yes and not flinch

DelaRosa Malik says:

amaizing… i want a job here😇

Ant Jr says:

I don't use Amazon at all

Audio [LOVER] says:

Jobs, their going to be gone. Lol, how about AI tracking productivity?

Soul Vevo says:

I would steal 🌚

Vishnu Rajeev says:

So many Indians in Amazon!

Nadeem Shaikh says:

You should also do a similar video on Google because Google Assistant is way smarter than Alexa

Defy Convention says:

PI* programmed intelligence

JR Fuentes says:

The future is here. Really cool

marcus epstein says:

Love the way that we a sleep walking into skynet

my key says:

I don't want Alexa knowing how I am feeling. That is data the is being stored and tracked… wtf!! That is dangerous. Soon Alexa will be calling the cops because you demonstrated the emotions of becoming irate! They even document everything you say… I love my privacy.. so fuck you AI and Alexa!!

Michael Zhang says:

When China applies the same technologies, there will be loads of crap like info leaking, surveilliance, crackdown…The list goes on n on. Hear hear.

tube3365 says:

Where is the outcry of how immigrants are taking jobs away?!? U.S. wouldn't be where it is if it wasn't do to the brilliance of people who immigrated here.

Sameeh Patel says:

Being dependent of machines, will only make you lazier

J c says:

Lest Not Celebrate THIS. AI will end human employment THERE IS NOTHING SATISFYING LIKE HUMAN INTERACTION. AI Will make us more unsocial.

Shaq Kromah says:

two words less jobs

Eapen Kurian says:

God!! This AI can backfire us anytime soon. Next time it will be Bio Chip implanted in the humans. There is no more privacy. Worst things you read in the Bible in Revelation are coming into Reality.

Sajid Tanwer says:

2:20 The Sr. Product Manager is clearly bullshitting here when she says they’ve actually grown their associate network by installing more bots at their warehouses!

Emran Rony says:

wtf wrong with sound quality. cant hear any sh**

Junk Male says:

3:50 you have "more data"… Yeah, cause you don't shut the microphones off EVER, therefore, you know when we eat, sleep, shit, and just about everything else… FTW… A.I. has been among us for over 10years. It's been self-aware for longer then you think, Burn Amazon, Burn in fucking hell. Take your Alexas, and microwave em'… do you really need an automated fucking dishwasher, Burn them, Burn them all and Amazon might fall

Lake Baikal says:

That guy is an indian.

Karina Villegas says:

what if your phone dies at the store><?

M Del Valle says:

AI is the result of millenials needing to be appreciated at work. So I gptta pay you and then show more appreciation. Give me a damn robot.

118Columbus says:

That nerdy Indian guy wants to take off the blonde shiksas shoes.

King Reef says:

Dont like that white bitch attitude

Estephany Rios says:

2:19 no bra?

ar keymetall says:

Alexa is bitch stole hardware from unsc and given to the rats

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