AI Panel Discussion – Dr. Ben Goertzel at the Webit.Festival 2019

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In this panel discussion at the Webit.Festival, one of the largest technology events in Europe, Dr. Ben Goertzel (CEO & Co-Founder SingularityNET), Jesus Mantas (Managing Partner & GM IBM Business Consulting), and author Leah Hunter discuss the possible beneficial and harmful consequences of AI – and what steps can be taken to ensure that the technology is benevolent for all.

To learn more about SingularityNET, please visit:


SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence. We aim to create the world’s global brain with a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol.

We gathered the leading minds in machine learning and blockchain to democratize access to AI technology. Now anyone can take advantage of a global network of AI algorithms, services, and agents.



rebelCoder (Юрий.Л.) says:

At 33:30 did she shay "And I recognize like, that's just f***ing fi…. it is broad…"

Sam Torres says:

moderator sucks

Lemo Noel says:

the moderator was bad. Ben and Mantas had some very good and interesting Points! I hope SingularityNet takes the advices Mantas said at the end

Shabbos Shekels says:

That hat is what you get when you finally kill the secret zebra in the swamp and take his skin to the trapper who fashions it into the hat, upon achieving this goal you enter God Mode that allows you to know all things at all times as long as you have the hat on. Ben's hat is responsible for advancing mankind from the Renaissance period through to the current year, the hat must choose its owner, only certain sages and wizards have ever had the responsibility and privilege of donning the fabled hat that now belongs to the current year Archimedes, Dr. Ben Goertzel.

Sly Syl says:

30:50 "He's not smart." Who is this host? I always enjoy hearing Dr. Ben Goertzel speak. But the host has me questioning the credibility of this whole webit festival…

John Ny says:

I miss Ben in the usual big AI panels. With the Nick Bostroms, Stuart Russels, Demis Hassabis' etc.

I wonder where the disconnect is coming from.

Evyn Plazko says:

Agent Oriented Programming popularized with a different name ("Artificial Intelligence").

Cody Nemeth says:

is ben using sign language?

Nick Romanek says:

imagine being talked through a meditation exercise by something more intelligent than the collective intelligence of everyone on the planet someday.

Dragonflameace says:

What you need to ask, is who's ethics and moralities.

Erik Matthews says:

Noodle systems 10:54

Dragonflameace says:

Lets not indoctrinate AI with political bias let them think for them selves, as you should our children. You can guide them but not just give them one path to believe in but give them all possibilities.

Kingston Geldenhuys says:


ali jordan says:

Also a shame we didn't get to hear the hat answer the final question,

S Shiva says:

Pyrotechnics? I'm in.

ali jordan says:

If only the IBM suit understood that block chain solves the problem of trust in a network, 22:00

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