"AI Is The New Electricity": Artificial Intelligence Pioneer Andrew NG

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NDTV speaks to Andrew Ng, the celebrated artificial intelligence expert and the co-founder of popular educational platform Coursera. He talks about the increasing importance of AI and the inevitable role it will play in the near future.

Watch full video: https://www.ndtv.com/video/shows/ndtv-special-ndtv-24x7/china-s-tryst-with-ai-in-conversation-with-coursera-co-founder-479266?yt

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Suyash Shrivastava says:

Andrew Ng!!!! He is a legend.

Akshat Khare says:

pretty epic move ndtv

Swagato Chatterjee says:

Hit like if you are here to listen to sweet "Concretely"

Tales Araujo says:


vikas saini says:

Surprised by this Indian anchor who know that much about AI, not about bullshit politics

Shashank Bajpai says:

less than 10000 views, WOW

The Sadhguru Sense says:

Ravish Kumar and Vinod Dua are the masters of artificial intelligence ..what ever they spill is completely artificial and nothing natural.😂

nicholas williams says:

That indian guy is weird. He looks like a white american, but speaks with an indian accent.

Rohit Kumar Mishra says:

Assignment excuse 😂 Awesome

Anant Ag says:

I don't like NDTV but this is a brilliant Interview.


This is a bigger episode than any other featuring a Bollywood celeb. Absolute treat !!

Saurabh Gupta says:

Modiji created ML and AI.

anon says:

oh my my! so very classy of ndtv to be conducting this interview, an enriching pleasure to see him talking!! astounded to know that the anchor is taking this course on AI, wonder if it's out of passion for it or if it's for a purpose beyond that. I can't imagine him doing something in it completely invested, as long as he s associated with his current job.

Nandakishor S says:

it turns out that

chauhan shahbaz says:

andrew ng rocks


Andrew NG's forehead looks a bit bigger than the one I seen him in Machine Learning and Deep Learning courses.

Alok Jha says:

wow, this is awesome! NDTV reporter did the course on deep learning!!

Duya Taksis says:

That had absolutely nothing to do with China. LOL, Indians are seeing China in their sleep and waking up in a cold sweat.

azad amitoz says:

Wow Andrew NG is on ndtv. He is one of the technical lead on machine learning, deep learning. Can u imagine how would zee news or India tv would present an episode on AI?


amazing interview.

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