AI: Friend or Foe?

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Will AI destroy jobs, hand more power to tech companies, and endanger the human race? Or will AI enhance our lives and allow us to survive and thrive in the face of grand challenges ahead?

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Art McTeagle says:

Excellent video! Question – will AI become weaponised? I sort of envisage a scenario where States wage an AI war against each other, the potential damage is huge. Maybe AI will come to an agreement among themselves excluding Humans and hopefully to our benefit.Their discussions would at least be based on facts and logic, not emotion!

keith henry says:

It a way of reducing the human population like every thing else they are looking to bring in all these things are good at first butbi don't trust those that are bringing these technology in one must be mindful of what they are doing

Vano Misoo says:

please more videos!

Sławek B. says:

And now, 1.5 years after this video, the tech support line of the biggest telecom company in Poland is handled by the AI called Max. You actually have to talk to a robot to get your phone (line) fixed when it's dead. It even makes various measurements on the fly and reports back the results, it asks questions and answers accordingly, depending on what your answer is.

Dennis Tucker says:

I enjoy hearing intelligent discussions on matters like this. I'm a trained technologist with a lot of tech experience. I agree with some of the conclusions but not all. I believe that limited scope AI will be a big benefit across the board. However, it will cost many jobs and in the long run, it will make humans weaker in many areas. For general purpose AI, I believe that it would most likely doom us all. The reasoning behind this it too long to cover here. Keep up the good work Chris.

D Isturbunce says:

Keep your stupid greenie religion out of it

duc_ mallard says:

Why buy an expensive robot to do a job in a dark factory when you can have an endless stream of malnourished, translucent humans work in the dark illegally for below minimum wage? Especially as the government is fine with it

LThould says:

A thought provoking and interesting video, thank you.

Patrick Lines says:

I must be weird because I absolutely love the idea of AI. I can’t wait to see / be a part of what’s yet to come.

ezza88ster says:

We're dooomed! Doooooomed!

Bobcat665 says:

The way I look at it, AI is like the process of combustion (AKA fire): It can be very useful to humans BUT you don't want it to get out of control. The craziest aspect of AI is how it can and does magnify human mistakes because, really, computers only ever do what they're they're instructed to do by humans, to a degree where it's painfully verbatim.

lohphat says:

Here's a great talk on the subject by Sam Harris.

lohphat says:

I just attended the HP Enterprise show in Madrid and was exposed to some pretty impressive kit.

They're really pushing their shared memory model where huge datasets can be loaded in massively shared RAM by arbitrary numbers of processors for neural network computing.

What struck me was the progress in a certain generation of AI which can now solve problems with hidden variables like playing poker when the cards are hidden and the motivations of the players can't be procedurally deduced; chess and go were easy in comparison as the games are procedural and any "strategy" can be thwarted due to massive look-ahead.

The thing which alarms me is that these new AI super computers are now being used for business strategy and contract analysis. Essentially the more intelligent the AI the more of a market advantage you have over your competitors.

In essence, it's the end of competition.

Only those with the smartest AI will win in the marketplace meaning smaller competitors without similar resources will be in a perpetual disadvantage.

At what point does the stock market fall since massive program trading lead by this type of AI just make markets instead of react to them? In a way it's already like that now. Program trading has killed old-fashioned "supply and demand" and now speculation can make or break markets.

The world is changing faster than we can deal with disastrous consequences of people playing with "WMDs" of computing.

theShowman says:

I agree entirely that we are going to need A.I. in order to avoid extinction or self destruction.
Things are going to be moving fast in the next decade especially with A.I. and quantum computing.
The human race desperately needs to get it's act together and it has to be done soon, time is running out.
These I believe are the important issues:
– Ethics. (not to be confused with religious beliefs ) needed for humanitarian survival and determining whether an A.I. entity is sentient.
– Sentience. Under what conditions does an A.I. entity have consciousness and self awareness ?
– Psychology. The healthy growth of children and young adults (physically and mentally) so that Early Maladaptive Schemas don't develop (i.e. to have a clear perception of others and self)
– Space travel technology, Earth conservation technology, communication technology (quantum entanglement/quantum computing)

The extremes are paradise (doable if we get our act together) or extinction.
If the human race survives, hopefully future generations will look back at these times and gasp !

matthewakian2 says:

Very interesting.

Gregory Campbell says:

Would love to see it incorporate generative design and apply it to making places like the moon inhabitable.

Paul Boothroyd says:

The prediction about work balances sounds like a Zipf dist., low level jobs will lead to more chance of AI, at the top AI less likely to be implemented (funny, bosses not implementing changes to remove them). [Zipf it the distribution describes 80% of wealth owned by 20% population… etc]

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