AI for Business: How Should We Frame It?

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BCG Partner and Managing Director Philipp Gerbert presents on the benefits of AI to a group of senior leaders at MIT.

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Rajendra Rao says:

Very good framework by Philipp. China's transformation of grocery retail "eRTM" is one of the most successful, and ROI-proven execution of AI at scale. The New Retail manifesto captures this remarkably clearly, and establishes some of the key principles that China, and the ROW, will pursue to create more human centered roadmap for retail. HEMA is the supermarket AI showcase of AI blurring the lines between retail logistics for eCommerce and experiential retailing. I would that 'Ecosystems & Networks' should be framed as a long term strategic question with leaders being challenged to determine if they create, leverage or transform through ecosystems like Alibaba, Amazon etc and Blockchain networks like Food Trust.

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