A New Philosophy on Artificial Intelligence | Kristian Hammond | TEDxNorthwesternU

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Kristian is a professor of computer science and journalism at Northwestern University. Previously, Kris founded the University of Chicago’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. His research has been primarily focused on artificial intelligence, machine-generated content, and context-driven information systems.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx


Branko Jovanovic says:

"Muscle memory" doing something we already did, as a pattern, so it does not require full intelectuall engagement.

izz Hipp says:

Two machines computers and humans ?

John Kean says:

AI is NOT FAQ input and response. It is a machine with sentience NO NO NO. It doesn't and cannot exist. This i impossibleguys. Look u: "memoria technica is the modern equivalent. If we build a machine that kills – that is NOT AI that's HI. Come on guys.
AI is a myth. Robots won't be sentient or have consciousness. If we successfully fuse a human neuron with a computer chip (not happening) then its human – ergo if the resulting hybrid kills us all then its humans killing humans not machines killing humans. Its a robot with a bomb! NOT AI. Further, humans in the work environment who are bullied to work harder and die of the resulting stress aren't being killed by the computer they're being killed by humans. This idea the AI who takes over the world is total Hollywood. Even if we amass an army of robots that kill, its humans who controlpreprogrammed them. Look at what we have been promised: servile robots washing dishes in the kitchen and brushing your floor has already been overtaken by the dishwasher and robovac. (Or Roover as l like to call it. "Where's the Roover?" A play on rover, robot and hoover.) But l digress … we already have the Robo-soldier that's the drone. Controlled by humans. Its a bit like suggesting a gun one day will be responsible for killing people – no! 😅 The killing of another is driven by motivation: by mercenaries.
If AI could achieve sentience (and l am not talking about a mechanized doll speaking pre-recorded verbatim aphorisms and FAQs – that have been around since the 19c – they took over the world and killed whole families in Stephen King moviesonly.) AI would have no motivation. Murder is sadly only a human trait. (Animals kill to eat for survival – that's not murder.) So my point is: no and no. Its a fallacy and anyone who suggests otherwise are fiction perpetrators. Great for the Hollywood "machine" though!

Chris Chapman says:

The real question is not about machine intelligence machine consciousness

Nikki Hinton says:

The missing block of knowledge, which initiates in the ancient schools of wisdom held sacred, is the nature of ethereal science. The enlightened masters also understood what is still missing today: the knowledge of involution which birthed evolution.🕯️🦋🕯️

Jaskaran Singh says:

It seems a truely conscious machine is unlikely to happen as per this video. But most humans are also not conscious of most things :p

Smo1k says:

Kristian Hammond keeps talking about the machines in plural. I very much doubt there will be more than one. Presently, there is, but I don't see how this can continue to be the case. No matter the route (synthesis and compromise being most likely), a planet, possibly a solar system, will house one AI and no more.

luis bito says:

andne que a ver hablar bien su profecion esta juego la verda ellos tiene que luchar su pension es por eso esta depress a lo ejor no los mate a todo si en nuestro trabajo mira ahora ny los taxi amarillos que todo los conocemo se que daron sin trabajo ciento por automatitacion de auto de trasportaccion ya estan empesando los desempleos el habla por que es ceo tambien sino vende robot no hay negocio

Vlachy goes by Kuba says:

He's Wrong, intuition is conciousness interpretation, deep learning results in learned behavior – MAY SEEM similar, but it is something totally different!

Duggy Dugg says:

all true…. bots can't feel pain or pleasure… bots can compute..bots can allow or deny based on ignition key..or eye print…or thumb print..my car won't let me lock the doors with the button if I don't remove the ignition key…but it does not feel pain or pleasure…not truly aware…mimicking life, but not alive..

De Ava says:

people like you will help to destroy the world. The AI, MUST STAY NARROW to a specific field, like the one in TESLA now, helping me to avoid traffic incident. When you think you are GOD, you will be destroyed by your own creation, we humans have experience with that but we don't learn… the nuclear maybe is good for energy, but now we have rockets that can destroy the world twice…

George Thompson says:

The human being is but a surrogate for the next level of intelligence in the universe. Our imaginary and unintelligent self importance is enough to cause our extinction without the help from AI. One would think the first thing a truly intelligent, self preserving entity would do is eliminate that which is inclined toward the opposite.

Alt Ann says:

he needs to be ventilated

Peter T Read says:

He's a bot

Bob Le Clair says:

Inspiring speech to bring in the sheep ,,now add that to governments and religions,,your thoughts are the future, keep them pure

Bob Le Clair says:

How much mathematics can a human brain do in one second?,,how much mathematics can an AI do jn a nanosecond?,,so compared to us humans,the AI is mathematically time traveling and sending the mathematical answer back before we,the human,can finish the mathematical question,,maybe that’s what intuition for us humans,looking back in thought and talking to ourselves and sometimes receiving,,and we’re going to teach an AI something that we don’t fully understand ,,it’s not a bad thing to slow down a bit,stop and smell the roses,and count your blessings,,and question,,where are we heading and is it good for our children

ben chang says:

I don’t fear AI. I fear the humans who will wield it.

Anne-Christin Tannhäuser says:

It's weird and scary: Many AI scientists work on building machines taking humans as a model. They don't seem to worry that we as humans are so far from perfect, sometimes utterly flawed. As a collective we lead wars to exterminate ourselves over resources. We live in a way that is not sustainable to the planet. We have not solved basic issues like sexism and racism. However, there we are building machines that might act like us, independently from us and with the potential to be far more powerful, and hence, more desctructive than us.

jgbandbjb92709 says:

just a little adjustment and this guy sounds like christopher walken.

luffy dace says:

Drinking game: every UMMMM one shot!

Robert Smith says:

Conscious is the simple knowing of right and wrong that which damages self or others go's hand in hand with intuition as biological machnism that has had millions of years to construct a intuitive design capabile of self-perpetuation. These 'man made' machines, are 'the system' result of self perpetuation, born out of 'self preservation at any cost' ,have already won, you are all merely postmark. Look at the Candlemaker's Union of Canada, been down to the blacksmiths lately? It's over, this is, the band, playing the last dance tune. There is not going to be any, Universal Income. I for one won't have it. The very idea of giving everyone of 'you' even more leverage to compete with 'me' on an individual basis for parking is outrageous. The population swell on top of the nine billion we have already, add non-competitive food allocation. I have to say that the only likely outcome of any good, coming from artificial intelligence, will be when it turns on us and absolutely destroys our species. It won't consider any of the other species on the planet to be a threat. Earth will turn back into the Garden of Eden, as man has it's damndest to destroy it.
Bring it on line tonight. No mercy for the wicked.

Robert Smith says:

All right now just a dog gone sec.
HAL was mis-programmed by bureaucratic oversite or outright mission conflict of interest. Any intelligence can or could have a psychotic brake owing to pressure and confinment of environ.

Anastasios Tsiolakidis says:

In about 1 minute he goes from faux modesty to at least 2 questionable statements, a) that he is building "intelligent machines", b) that this somehow relates to "the way we think". Sorry but this dude is not going to deliver the goods

Matthias Zielinski says:

Lol, Gary Oldman in Batman… I thought all them time he reminds me of somebody

Juuso Hämäläinen says:

Do not worry. We have created military machines that already kill us. But there is not any opportunity for AI to develop to independently thinking intelligence. Machines' cognitive skills are feasible up to a level that we can program. That is the top level and will stay that level.

Machines programming themselves intelligently will not happen very soon if ever with the capability of a living creatures like us humans.

The speaker mixes up things when talking about human feelings or intuition or morals. They are integral parts of our intelligence and not separate. Anything subconscious is not separate. We we only can't always explain why we have these certain feelings and consciousness.

It is simply impossible to create a program code for a machine that the machine updates itself with intellectual capability that is higher than its creator of 1.0 version. It is simply against all odds and logic.

I was consulting a large Nordic company in mid 80's. They had an AI development branch in Sweden. I was asked to advice whether this team could become profitable by producing anything meaningful within next 5 to 10 years. My conclusion was very clear NO. The branch was closed.

Ross Meldrum says:

I like the way the president of the Federation in Star Trek Undiscovered Country put it. "Let us redefine progress to mean that just because we can do a thing, it does not necessarily mean we should do that thing." that includes how we use AI.

Russell Anderson says:

And what have we accomplished with such a wonderful gift?

mengugreg says:

Why is he out of breath? Scared?

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