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That ending, that damn...DAMN ending! The Nostalgia Critic reviews AI. Originally aired on May 28th, 2013.

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SuperPaulBF says:

"That's really cool of her- "


I freaking died lol

SuperPaulBF says:

I feel that the movie is deeply flawed, but it also captures a unique emotional world that is very dream like. Some of the dialogue is too verbose at times and it feels unnatural. It's also unclear why certain mecha, even the older ones, possess more advanced traits than newer models (for example, Teddy knowing that food would break David, but David himself didn't seem to be aware of this). There are a ton of other problems, as this video points out. Even so, the movie feels so strange and the way certain things don't really add up is exactly like how dreams don't make sense all the time. Since the world and cinematography has such a dream like quality to it, I can look past a lot of the movies flaws.

Nathan Wenrich says:

You missed the point of the ending it’s not sappy the whole thing is a lie the aliens are hyper evolved ai that know what they have to do to give a robot who is solely created to love someone a happy Ending. He says it himself “you know what you have to do” they create a fantasy ending for him and then shut him off it’s not frothy it’s tragic

Leonardo Crocetta says:

Sooo… no Linkara story on Tmz?

Luna Moonstone says:

sorry this movie is horrible, the so called parents are just cruel as hell, the mother especially just abandoning david, i am sorry if my kids weren't getting along i would be a freaking mother and either grounded the one causing the trouble or explaining to the other one why he shouldn't do certain things. if one son is going out of his way to make the other feel not part of the family, have you ever heard of a spanking. discipline that damn kid lady. oh but you just abandon the other kid who doesn't understand and just wants you to love him. okay yeah in the beginning he was off putting but kids can be annoying. this whole movie is so depressing i just want to find david hug him and actually be a mother to this kid. sorry but this is too depressing just geez.

Lord of Alicorns says:

This movie made me tear up 🙁

Lord of Alicorns says:

live before the matrix ever happen

luke atkinson says:

Wait, could the robot aliens get more samples from David's mom after they resurrect her? They could continue to bring her back over and over.

Jeremiah Floyd says:

That ending traumatized me as a kid

Anthony Da Bastard!! Magnos Polanco says:

I do believe that Robots/androids can become fully capable and just not emotionally capable I guess the movie didn't do a good job showing the Difference.

Frederick Dietz says:

unfortunately I can never forget TMZ.

Shadow1Yaz says:

That the last part of the movie made me cry! It was always my favorite part! 🙂

Ryan T. Calhoun says:

Love the Critic but A.I. is a fantastic film.

Greg David L says:

16:08. Neeeeewsflash!!!

Greg David L says:

13:13. TMZ!

Greg David L says:

I love you wife

Kenntonn Nnnn says:

Never saw it, but looks good to me.

OceansAlliteration 0 says:

Love the bashing. Love the reveal of Kubrik and Spielbergs friendship cuz I never knew about it. And (unpopular opinion) I actually liked this movie a lot. I agree its unfocused and cheesy. But I really honestly enjoyed this movie and I would watch it again. Dont know why, but I liked it. Maybe I just have bad taste…eh shrugs

Jessica Crim says:

I can't watch this movie. I can barely drop my kids at daycare without sobbing, let alone abandon them in the woods.

Samm & Misty says:

I love this movie I remember when my mom showed it to me, I was balling a river of tears.

Samuel Button says:

I would personally justify the mother leaving him for dead by having her say that she panicked and didn't know what to do. I would then have the other characters question her choice, as well as slowly start to shun her (except for the husband, of course). The rest of the movie would focus on David looking for the Blue Fairy while the mother regrets her choice and starts a search for him. The movie would end with David staying at the bottom of the sea while the mother keeps desperately searching.

melvin shermen says:

Stanley kubrick love ministry that as a fact i not jokeing

Ghost Killer says:

i never did see this movie, glad i did not.

Ghost Killer says:

TMZ really needs to watch this.

Ghost Killer says:

Teddy Ruxpin

Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana says:

i notice the schandle for malcoms character got cut, understandable, i mean what he said was pretty racist and on par with Nazi methods

dragonlover7196 says:

haley joel osment? the dude who VAs sora?
i can't believe sora's a robot in this

Taku Te Puke says:

I love A.I! even the ending

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