8.26.15 AI Startups: Where are the Opportunities?

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Adam Cheyer, Co-founder & VP Engineering, Viv
Nigel Duffy, CTO, Sentient Technologies
Kevin Quennesson, Engineering Manager & Staff Engineer, Twitter Cortex
Lauri Saft, VP, Watson Ecosystem & Partner Program, IBM
Norman Winarsky, Advisor, SRI Ventures

Jack Clark, Reporter, Bloomberg

A seemingly static field for decades, the artificial intelligence industry is forging ahead in a mini-boom. In 2014, venture capital funding more than tripled for new AI startups. Furthermore, 2015 forecasts show that AI investments are set to increase nearly 50% between 2014 and 2015 alone.

With advancements in computing power and digital information, entrepreneurs are exploring new applications and potential for AI. From solving the data-intensive problems associated with big data, to making smarter robots and assistants, 2015 is shaping to be the rebirth of AI. Where are the most promising opportunities?

Join us for this lively discussion that explores the possibilities for AI innovation and economic growth in the years ahead.


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