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Original “Is Photography As We Know It Dying?”:

It was bound to happen. Artificial Intelligence, often abbreviated as “Ai” has started to infiltrate the photography world. In the past, the only way to get great photos was for photographers to spend a ton of time out on location mastering the craft of photography. As demands for more surreal imagery increased, studio “trickery” was done in the darkroom with techniques such as dodging, burning, color processing, and even merging of multiple images.

In the mid 90s, as computers became more and more powerful, photography entered into the digital era and photo manipulations became even more common and advanced. As photographers transitioned from film cameras to digital cameras, programs like Photoshop made editing images easier than ever.

Today we are at a point where literally anything is possible with photography. This new era of digital photography now poses many new questions around one of the world’s most important art forms. At what point is photography even photography anymore? How much manipulation is too much manipulation? Does a photographer need to know how to edit photos in post production?

With the release of Skylum’s newest photo editing software, Luminar 4, photographers have more tools than ever to create the “perfect” image. With the use of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligent editing, the line between reality and perfection can literally be altered with the swipe of a single slider.

In this video, Patrick Hall tests out Luminar 4 to see what is possible with a few of their new tools powered by artificial intelligence. Will Ai allow you to edit photos better and more efficiently or should photographers stick to the more advanced and customizable editing tools of the past?

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Dynamo Gaming says:

We think that the AI will Ahead of humans but this is wrong. If we think humans are "Artificial intelligence" created super beings in universe than still we did not found our creator. So, the AI created By Humans can't harm human civilization.

Borukhai says:

I look to u and i see SpongeBob lol

Sunil Nair says:

Okay ja. Daffa ho.

Sunil Nair says:

Ye use kar ke. Ho sakta hai koi patt jaye. Meri gaand mat chaat.

Steven Rogers Fine Art says:

The irony of doing a video about fixing imperfections whilst there is a single strand of hair right in his face for the first 2 minutes of the video 😀 Excellent video otherwise !

77dris says:

The Liquify Tool for Photoshop already has face detection and the ability to adjust eyes, nose, mouth, face, chin, etc.

No Place Like Maui Clothing says:

i thought u were the guy from BACK TO THE FUTURE MOVIE . lols .

Charan Gurupura says:

Hey Patt, Stop calling every tree as Palm tree…..its not….It is a Coconut tree.

KW LXXI says:

18:25 Indeed the AI is correcting the ambient lighting accordingly to the sky.

trumbaron says:

Shouldn’t the background image be shot with the same focal length as the subject? To me the cloud in this image looks too big in comparison like it was shot with longer lens than the rock.

-- says:

This guy looks like Frodo and Michael J Fox had a child xD

toto titi says:

Artificial Intelligence lol


Warren Kawamoto says:

Who is this for? It's for young youtube watchers who turn "pro" by watching youtube tutorials for free.

Mateusz Raass says:

nothing new… and the problem are ALWAYS people… BTW: calling this AI is really time space machine

Stan's MGE says:

Fat people would love this for instagram

EyesWideOpen says:

Just plug us all into the Matrix and use cloud servers to render reality perfect I guess.
AI is fascinating but also scary in many ways, not that it could be stopped, so I guess the professional photographer of yesteryear will be replaced by a less artistically minded button pusher.

Danny L says:

Well, the model looks hot at least.

Tranzor Z says:

in a word….yes

Radoslaw Motylinski says:

at 18:21 it doesnt look natural. Sharp people in front of the blurred palm tree and sharp sky…..

3d illusions says:

Are you sharpening an already sharpened image?

I think AI skin defects removal would remove the skin defects?

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