Why AI Will Never Replace The Role Of Humans

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Artificial intelligence has been progressing at exponential rates and it’s just a matter of time until AI replaces tens of millions of blue-collar jobs and even millions of white-collar jobs. However, this is not as concerning as it might sound as artificial intelligence will also create millions of jobs not only in existing AI-related industries but also in brand new industries. Taking a look at a longer time period, AI will eventually replace all the jobs that we know today and put us in a position where everyone can just do nothing and live off welfare checks. However, people will never choose to do this. As AI takes over entire industries, it’s simply fewer things for humans to do, thus giving us more time and energy to take on bigger tasks like lengthening our lives and engaging in interplanetary travel. This video explains the various impacts of AI on the job market and why artificial intelligence will never be able to replace the role of humans.

0:00 – The Eventual Dominance Of AI
0:40 – Jobs Transition, Don’t Disappear
2:36 – Jobs That Cannot Be Replaced
3:54 – Long Term AI Dominance
5:15 – Distribution Of Scarce Resources
6:46 – Why AI Will Never Replace Humans
8:01 – Smaller Work Weeks
9:08 – Focus On A Sci-Fi Future
10:37 – Overall Impact Of AI



Daniel Torres says:

Yes, A. I. will eventually replace humans.

Only synthetic creatures will survive when the human environment is at an end.

Think about it.

D-Oxxx says:

AI to replace AI and Engineers

Cyberspace says:

Ai can replace every job because If there Iq matched as humans then they could avail to develop the Ai by using Ai .

Mo Vo says:

There won't be enough jobs for man. Global revolts will happen. Governments will use robots to fight the people. Thus start the ROBOT WARS

Chris Reilly says:

One day AI Will not need you and your the bug in the rug. Say good bye .

elijah mashter says:

Let me make it even scarier AI+Nano machines

elijah mashter says:

Ai can improve AI

gilgamesh310 says:

Some scientific knowledge is lacking in this video. Firstly comparing robot AI to light speed travel, is a bit of a false equivalency. Overtime we became closer and closer to providing robot AI. There has been no advancement in technology or scientific research that demonstrates we’ll ever be able to travel faster than light. There’s a whole heap of issues with it, like the fact that we’d be travelling back in time to do so. That being said, you’re wrong that we’d need to travel faster than light to leave our solar system. It can be done by travelling at around 5% the speed of light, which could happen with fusion or more advanced propulsion systems we’re likely to obtain someday.

Todd Maek says:

"The average life expectancy in the Americas in the 1800s was just 35 yrs"…
Ummmmm just going out in a limb here and take a guess that mayyyybe SLAVERY had somthing to do with that.

Hladovina says:

Very selective. AI right now is replacing web designers and developers as you can generate a standard website. AI will be able to render video and audio so you will be able to purchase stock footage that doesn't exist. AI can now generate hyper-realistic faces of humans that don't exist. This means stock photos of humans will be rendered. So photographers and models as well as studio crew fly out the window. At it's most extreme, I can see us watching entire films rendered by AI. You click which type of film you want, choose genre, choose setting of the film and click Generate. AI then generates a new Avengers movie (which already look like they were generated by AI) and you just watch that. Basically, any type of content will be replaced by AI over time. Even these videos you are making can be easily replicated by AI, especially since you're using stock footage.

I fart in mouth says:

Humans are inventing something that could possibly destroy them

Ob2 1234 says:

Wtf why hasn’t YouTube ever recommended me this video

Pallav Sharma says:

This channel deserve more👍👍👍👍👍

BrasilKid says:

If AI could replace us it could lead to a way more advanced society

Josué Meza says:

I always thought it was dumb on how some people would think that human’s knowing the risk would design such a deadly flaw.

january ramadhan says:

Why AI never will never replace human roles ?

Because Human destroyed by AI ?

Michael Pare says:

What a nightmare!

cyrusp100 says:

This video is very simplistic and short sighted and doesn't fully understand the exponential change that an AI future could bring. In such a world why would we need humans at all? The AI could just easily replace us.

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