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Richard Socher is an adjunct professor at the Stanford Computer Science Department where he obtained his PhD working on deep learning with Chris Manning and Andrew Ng. He won the best Stanford CS PhD thesis award.
He is now Chief Scientist at Salesforce where he leads the company’s research efforts in artificial intelligence. He previously founded MetaMind, a deep learning AI platform that analyzes, labels and makes predictions on image and text data.
Richard Socher is Chief Scientist at Salesforce and an adjunct professor at the Stanford Computer Science Department. At Salesforce he leads the company’s research efforts and brings state of the art artificial intelligence solutions to Salesforce.
Prior to Salesforce, Richard was the CEO and founder of MetaMind, a startup acquired by Salesforce in April 2016. Richard obtained his PhD from Stanford working on deep learning with Chris Manning and Andrew Ng and won the best Stanford CS PhD thesis award. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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abdul ghani bin othman Othman says:

Ai got headache now you know, sudden surprise ai have to pay bill in US. Ai is poor now how can ai pay the bill your government going to charge me. My fund and equities one thing I know I have 17% how much for me to pay the bill which your government charge if the bill more than my equities your government can have my equities. And the deal is off. Thank you,


N T says:

stopped watching after that 1st robot. this guy is out of touch. watch what boston dynamics have done so far,,,,we are screwed. as in humanity, literally in the terminator, or the matrix, take your pick. crazy.

Rene T St Jacques says:

Nicely articulated .. thank you Richard Socher ..!!

A.I. Scrotum says:

He makes it seem as if AI is no future threat to humans and just brushes it off and shows robots failing.This talk was just to get people out of anxiety mode.

Edward Gardener says:

You do have to worry about skynet because there is no filter for sociopath on planet earth and therefore it is 100% correct assesment to assume that there is a sociopath out there. Government funded or not that is developing right now a Agressive AI that might get out of control and try to take over the war machine it was built for. Thinking of the logic it is actually inevitable. And therefore AI should be avoided. Living communally without drugs and alkohol and honoring the mother goddess tradition with woman who do not have conditional andor are witholding love in charge holds all the awnsers to HOW to live togheter in harmony on planet earth WE DO NOT NEED AI FOR THAT. Even better, communal living and living how the earth was origionally intended BENEFITS from NOT haveing AI.

Sean Barr says:

this is enlightening , it shows me that the TRUE level of tech , AI, computer autonomy , is still WAY WAY WAY off, and so I am now going to look for info on quantum computing , see what the hub bub is all about

QualeQualeson says:

Everyone and their grannies gives talks about AI. The reason why none of them are saying much is cuz no one knows exactly what a true AI is going to be or how it will emerge. Consequently we get the same two talks from all of them. Current software/hardware (which is barely relevant) And the speculations spiel that are either modern day horror or some dude essentially selling something. Lame.

bingo baggins says:

It will be impossible to dictate ethics to hive minds after the block chains are rolling.

Alex says:

Yeah the credit score is saving rich people in the court room

Random1208 says:

If you concentrate, you can block out the fact that his mouth sounds like a bowl of Rice Krispies.

Bill Gates and Friends says:

If you guys like this video, you'll probably enjoy the videos I post!!! (Interviews with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other famous people!!!)

Super chetZ says:

If a human brain could be reverse engineered into AI, that would no longer simply be a tool.

Marcos Bovolon says:

How AI identificate a "poem" in middle of a huge text in "newspaper", correct it, or even respond to a sarcastic comment lik3 th1s 0n3 ?

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