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What Is Artificial Intelligence? | Will AI take over the world? – Expert Opinion – Social Tomatoes

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Do you have a list of question What Is Artificial Intelligence? Will AI take over the world? How Artificial Intelligence will take over the World? What do you think? Can artificial intelligence ever get advanced enough to take over the world? How AI will take over in the future. We have seen this concept in many movies. When humans create a piece of technology that is just a little intelligent and independent, we can no longer control them. This scenario of artificial intelligence taking over the world may seem far-fetched and the premise of a satirical sci-fi movie, the ever-growing rate at which technological innovations and breakthroughs are occurring, should encourage us to consider the possibility that “our reliance on AI may prove to be our undoing as a civilization” sooner or later.

How Artificial Intelligence will take over the World

0:00 Introduction
0:11 Dr. Kai Fu Lee
0:15 Can Artificial Intelligence take over the world?
0:56 Robots take over the world
1:17 Dr. Stephen Hawking
2:01 Robots
2:38 Asimo Robot
2:56 Transportation

Self Driving cars or Driverless cars video

3:12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJxdkEBUZ5Q
3:19 Health care
3:29 Education
4:11 Where are we now?
4:31 Can a robot take over really happen?
5:16 How AI (Artificial Intelligence) can replace jobs?
5:45 Why do we need advancement?
5:47 Elon Musk – Law for AI
6:25 Digital Genius – AI is best when used with People
7:23 How to use AI safely?

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