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0:00 Vandera – Is it real

1:21 David Keno – Golden Ticket (Original Mix)

3:31 Essáy & CoMa – Deceptive

4:50 Deccies – Subtle

6:44 Siarate – Float

8:52 Alicks – I Don’t Have A Choice

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eric zhu says:

"Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it. An attempt will be made to find how to make machines use language, form abstractions and concept, solve kinds of problems now reserved for humans, and improve themselves." if you wanted the typed out definition for debate or other stuff.

Prachi Dewangan says:

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katzceo says:

Technology could solve complex viruses such such aids, ebola and etc

Wessel Zapffe says:

Humans are robots.

jess jesse says:

2: electronic boys = their obession microphones attenas bidirectionally way in output signals? Your demonic legions ?

jess jesse says:

1: electronic breedboard : leds : audio microphone recordtapes files stored = your demonic designers ? Easy sum dude?

Michael DeBell says:

Build up. Start with animal intelligence. We seem to be jumping strait to human intelligence.

Ella Liu says:

uhhh. which website did you find it on

Digitalwale ReadersDelight says:

AI in Marketing :

Pradeep K V says:

Not subscribing to your channel because of the ear scratching shitty audio intro and extro

jesussaves7777 says:

I like your vids

Just a heads up you might get a copy right strike for the picture of the robot on for the youtube video thumbnail. I used the same type of robot picture and got a copyright strike on one of my videos.

Nyc Subway Kiddd says:

They all need to die. Well the ones who want to destroy humanity

Chris Ashcroft says:

A.I. is how we create God of course.

Desi lyric Adda says:

Your content is osm but I would like to make a correction that "DARMOUTH SUMMER RESEARCH" was held in "1956" not in "1955"

sahin cene says:

intelligence ok but what about to emotions 😉

Snap Chat Kween says:

We need artificial intelligence to tell us we killing ourselves be poisoning the food and water killing all natural production controlling the food

a-klotz LP says:



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Daniel Jones says:

Artificial Intelligence has tremendously increased the efficiency of erp. To know more visit:

Vault Von says:

What if what we are making AI to learn that we think is good is actually bad in there perspective.

So in return, they are really not bad if they do something bad. They are just made to do that.

And it's not our fault too because we thought we are teaching them good.

Suresh As says:

Super video I feel very happy . I gather so much of information

youssef elkihel says:

Miracles happen

Kade Hettrich says:

Artificial meaning fake fraud as far as intellectual property thief. AI is a backdoor IP theft port. It mimics humans thereby not intelligent. Mimic isnt intelligent its mimic. AI is bad becaz it will ruin humans right to make decisions for themselves. AI the dictator assume credit for everyone input. AI needs to be destroyed

Abderrahmane 2026Guellili says:

thanks for the information

Deborah Francis says:

Though it sounds good, artificial intelligence does not succeed always. There are many instances where artificial intelligence has failed and human intelligence has excelled. shows how Human intelligence excels …

Master Ed says:

This will make it easier to send everything back to the dark ages where electronics didn't exist

Master Ed says:

I will laugh at everyone who will use A.Is in the real life future

amanda cerry says:

Thank you for the informative Video it's very helpful. And there is an Artificial Intelligence Design company with skyrocketing records in 2017 do check them here:

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