What intelligent machines can learn from a school of fish | Radhika Nagpal

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Science fiction visions of the future show us AI built to replicate our way of thinking — but what if we modeled it instead on the other kinds of intelligence found in nature? Robotics engineer Radhika Nagpal studies the collective intelligence displayed by insects and fish schools, seeking to understand their rules of engagement. In a visionary talk, she presents her work creating artificial collective power and previews a future where swarms of robots work together to build flood barriers, pollinate crops, monitor coral reefs and form constellations of satellites.

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Born Justice Rule says:

the next 30 years of technological advancement is going to be MONUMENTAL in the history of Human Beings, barring any man made or nature driven(Divine) extinction level events.

Keith Vaughan says:

Very interesting talk, well presented, thank you.

Sobieski526 says:

The way she gets emotional in the end – that's some true passion! Go technologists of the future

Leon Matthias says:

that was amazing

Rodney Wright says:

eight Does anybody identify one's better this variantA$ qmg

Connah Nieurzyla says:

it's the geth

Nobody From Nowhere says:

I'm good with robots as long as they follow 3 laws of robotics by Asimov.

Axphey007 says:

But y we have hardly 2-3 courses related to AI in Computer science majors?

Anime Span says:

Years from now: "Creator, does this unit have a soul?"

ZeuS123121 says:

Why not teach them about school of wolf?

Ysp says:

Fascinating robots, great talk, very inspiring!

Venom Guitar says:

LOL the last part, she choke with emotion( 哽咽)? She is really passionate about her job.

Venom Guitar says:

If every living thing is replaced by robot, i wouldn't want to live in this world anymore.

ucnhtmenow1 says:

The thing is, code or "rules", will never be perfect. The best example would be the concept of coding a robot to keep a house clean. If the owner is the reason the house keeps becoming dirty, the a.i. will subtract the owner from the home (how ever it feels fit) to be able to keep the home clean. The coding would have to be so complex that it would confuse the a.i.. The "rules" would never be perfect, but it would work good enough for many cases.

J S says:

Get a real job.

Beth Test says:

Very interesting research!

John Trauger says:

This is a kind of Tedd talk I've seen before. Interesting talk followed by genetic and boring cause-based lecture.

Humans obey rules structures right until we don't, which is actually an important part of human individuality. Treating people as a collection of generic workers is literally and figurtively dehumanizing.

Lauren F. says:

That type of collective intelligence has all but been forgotten in the human species… Good job highlighting that!

ScavengerEdit says:

ArtiFISHal 😉

varma teja says:


must watch more about time management a daily motivation 🙂

Sage TX says:

Vocal frrryyyh

Matilda Bailey says:

Fist frame she excellent cash suddenly hay online lawyer.

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