What Happens When Face Recognition Tech Can't Tell Black People Apart

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Last year, Detroit police arrested Robert Williams on his front lawn in front of his wife and children. His alleged crime? Face recognition technology had matched his photo from an old driver’s license to an image taken from blurry surveillance footage of a local shoplifting incident.

Face recognition technology has been shown time and time again to be biased against people of color and other marginalized groups, who are misidentified at higher rates.

When police showed Robert the surveillance image, he said, “I hope you all don’t think all Black people look alike.”



ACLU says:

To learn more about the wrongful arrest of Robert Williams, watch this short documentary about his experience:

Angel James says:

Detroit has been corrupt since the " Friends " ran the city in the 70's.
Hell, they had the Detroit police picking up and transporting their cocaine, keeping away from Maserati Rick's car wash, where most large transactions happened. Mayor Coleman Young was no Saint either.

mustang says:

Good to know that guy is taking as professional as possible and came with the cops peacefully

Jane Doe says:

Predator cops

Magus Trigger says:

Remember when the aclu defended everyone?
No they celebrate the illegal detainment of jan6th protesters yet cheer antifa destruction of property…..odd how they only defend some speech these days

Wolverine Aubele says:

That sucks. His neighbors will still think he's guilty.

Nick Popplewell says:

Damn, that's crazy

zekethetank says:

Make 'em pay. Nothin' personal, just business.

Wicked Air says:

These officers and they're Nazi regime are despicable and a disgrace to the human race

JtK says:

Face recognition = racist profiling. Are they saying all black men look alike?

Charles Cespedes says:

Face recognition couldn’t they just solved it by the name?

Brian Robinson says:

Doesn't matter if it's a flawed technology. It's making someone money. Surely that's what really matters.

Brian Robinson says:

Doesn't matter if it's a flawed technology. It's making someone money. Surely that's what really matters.

Michael Yehie says:

How about all you guys that judge and create separation in this world join the force and acutely be the change

Aguevos says:

F the police, they are doing everything wrong

SoZ1646 says:

Face recognition! Okay; I’ll let you detain me but before anything else run my fingerprints through the scanner. I’m pretty sure you brought the scanner right?

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