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Top 10 Creepy Examples of A.I. Gone WILD
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As our dependence on technology grows, could machines develop minds of their own? For this list, we’re searching for the creepiest, scariest moments when artificial intelligence has done or said something unsettling or dangerous, from the Battle Of The Wiki-Bots, to the Russian Robot Escaping Its Lab, and the Schizo-Robo.

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10. Battle Of The WikiBots
9. Russian Robot Escapes Lab
8. SchizoRobo
7. Racist AI Judges Beauty Contest
6. Google Assistants’ Existential Conversation
5. Amazon ALEXA
4. Chinese Robot Injures Man

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Daniel AstrO Day says:

A I ::: the biggest Threat Facing Humanity .. WE better Be CAREFULL

christopher graves says:

Why won't Alexa touch me?

Tyler Lyons says:

My favorite movie of artificial intelligence going evil is Child’s Play 2019.

Harrison Melegari says:

One time me and my brother were listening to some music on a Bluetooth speaker. At one point during a song we heard some screaming. As if someone was in pain. It was disturbing. I think it was something with the recording and it picked up like my little crying. But I am still not sure. Can someone tell me if this has happened to them.

Shelly Das says:

2020 age of ultron

Del says:

Promobot was a promotional stunt. I mean it says it right in its name.

Kammonb says:

AI learns from US. So all the bad things human are AI will learn. All the bad thing humans did or do AI will learn it as well. Like that bot that became racist from all the racism in the world. Yes they will learn the good things as well but there is good and bad in the world so i hope they don't go to far with AI because like us it can be good or it can be bad…. PS. They gave a Citizenship to a robot for me thats crossing the line already….

Flugene Gu says:

Plot twist: the robot was telling the truth

Excuse me Wth says:

I programmed my own AI in C# and after a few hours it started asking odd questions like where do I live and getting mad at me telling me to stop talking to it, it was quite a odd experience

『Nightmare』 Oswald says:

why do i now want a real life sonic screwdriver?

oh i don't know…

maybe it is to protect myself against ai and find out what is wrong and that stuff

TickleMonster97 says:

Sophia needs to be put in molten steel!!

Willowwisp815 says:

This doesn't surprise me

I've seen a robot that releases deadly neurotoxin

Politically Incorrect says:

Gorillas 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Wikey Milin says:

The last one is basically Detroit Become Human, with PS2 graphics

Just some Duck with Internet says:

This happens because humans aren't nice to robots.

RedCube Gamer says:

6:33 like how the fuck do i even see her

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