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How to solve a Rubik’s Cube? You will need the GAN I Smart Rubik’s Cube, your iPhone and robot.
Moreover, this robot can solve the Rubik’s Cube in record time, which is faster than the world record.

✅ The easiest way to solve a 3×3 rubik’s cube:

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Anh Dang says:


Tomioka Giyuu says:

Who invented this

Hạnh Công says:

Wow rubik 2×2yes

Rubix says:

Jak se jmenuje ta aplikace

Yuvi says:

I can solve 3×3 in 50 to 70 seconds

冰雪战神 says:

Although I don't know how to play Rubik's Cube but you can teach me how to play Rubik's Cube

冰雪战神 says:

Hello CUBASTlC I am Chinese

Hasan Özer says:

E şimdi ne gerek vardı


My solving record is 20 seconds

Swizz Cryptic says:

I think its able to solve it that fast because since it’s connected to the app it records all your moves and when you put it into the solving robot machine it reverses them to solve it

The Kiddo on Keys says:

Cool I can solve a 3×3 on 1minute 31 seconds

liman1 says:

Why someone would by a machine that solves the rubik's cube? I mean, it's something to train your brain.. Where is the pleasure of it?

darshan PLAYZz says:

I can solve a 3×3 in 49 seconds not lying

Keshav Kumar says:

Wow cool Rubik's cube

Quốc Thắng Nguyễn says:

Hey CUBASTIC, do you solve your rubik with CFOP Method


Música de fundo chata emm

Raouane Rebihi says:

Trop cool❤🧡💛💚💜

InSomnia Stan DREAMCATCHER says:

Me: oh yeah I know how to solve this one
Robot: No. You don't.
Also Me after the robot solved it: 👁👄👁. Oh okay I don't think I do.

Mr. Lal says:

Mine is 14 minutes total completely

James Migliorati says:

Ngl I can solve a 2×2 in 7 years

Henry Shone says:

You can buy it on Amazon for 150 dollars

Lidia Aeckerle says:

Das ist cool👍

Tyconic 07 says:

Cat a costat aparatul?

FAIZ M says:


Hồng gấm Lê thị says:


hi yt says:

2:34 pretty fast

hero sans says:

Wow rubik 3×3

Bruninho says:


tumlo :33 says:

Does anybody know the name of this app?

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