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From a loud walking dog to now professionally choreographed dance with multiple robots, Boston Dynamics has progressed so much since 2009.
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David Men says:

2011 y 2013 caminan con estilo 😂

Fro Zen says:

This is the beggining of the end once they are weaponized gl humans

Indraneel Dalvi says:

Why do we need robots

Haxx says:

Imagine seeing the first one at night

Ąŕčåđę X says:

World War 3 incoming…

Sonia Cofra says:

que horror !

aniket dhanawade says:

At some point I felt sad about those robots😒 they look same as animals

bowserlv100 says:

Super Metroid….

Danks says:

Boston : " Creates an ultra modern robot"
Google human verification: "hold mah beer"

La fulita Florez says:

Tengo miedo

CodeAgain says:

Wfh for automation engineers

Nikhil Divakar says:

Why do I feel like we are in trouble 😂

RBW says:

Assustador! Exterminador do futuro. Será?

That Time I Got Reincarnated by Rushia Uruha 🦋 says:

They pee beer

shubham sharma says:

Hey, don't kick them… Upcoming time robot and Hitler can be a synonym.

Arnav Banerji says:

When you focus more on marketing than an actual work

Abhay Jadon says:

Nice vfx🤞

pradeep dubey says:

These fking robots dancing better than me😑

Alphasaurus 94 says:

I think the "Real Steel Boxing tournament" will soon be available.

Shiv 51 says:

Future Monster

Sukhjinder Singh says:

Humans planning to destroy humans

Petar Pan says:

I know it's a robot. I know it isn't a living being. But seeing the poor lil' guy get kicked makes me feel bad.

viswanath sharma says:

If it is chitti in india ,you will be dead when you kick it

Beware The Locusts says:

Lol..leave it to Massachusetts for stupid

someone ؟؟؟ says:

This is fake robot

Satvik 7 says:

This is how they kick in India during a fight.

Aditya says:

If it gets hack, it's over.

Salem says:

Engineers: +doing tests+

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