Statement by Anya Daneez Khan, age 10, on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February).

February 11th marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The theme for 2019 is “Investment in Women and Girls for Inclusive Green Growth,” and a two-day event began today (11 Feb) at UN Headquarters in New York, bringing together global experts and leaders to evaluate the economic and social impact of women’s participation in science-based sustainable development programmes.

The event featured a high-level panel focusing on the public-sector financing of science for green growth, investment to attract and retain high calibre women in science, and financing to ensure gender equality in science.

Anya Daneez Khan, a girl in the field of science, said “The reason we celebrate this Day is to make sure it becomes not a story about exceptional women but a norm that girls belong and succeed in science and technology.”

The United Nations General Assembly in 2015 declared 11 February as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science in order to achieve full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls, and further achieve their empowerment as well as gender equality.

Hi Android User, This Video is Google Keyboard (GBoard). How to Write or Type Bangla Voice Keyboard. It is Bangla Voice Typing Keyboard. So you can start Bangla Speech to Text in Android. You Just Speak in Bangla, English, Hindi or any language then Voice Typing Bangla, English, Hindi…….

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Make your own speech recognition app using MIT app inventor and control gadgets, electrical appliances, and robots. This app will allow you to control any gadgets I’ve made a working video of this app controlling electrical devices using arduino and HC-05 bluetooth module,. check out the video here

circuit diagram and arduino program can find in the link

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Android has an inbuilt feature speech to text through which you can provide speech input to your app. With this feature you can add some of the cool features to your app like adding voice navigation and it is very helpful when you are targeting disabled people.

In the background how voice input works is, the speech input will be streamed to a server, on the server voice will be converted to text and finally text will be sent back to our app. This tutorial can be followed by a beginner as the source code in github is also available.

Github Source Code: .
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◄ Language English – 720p – Cortana problems
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Cortana problems – setting problem – speech recognition [FIX]

You are here because you have problems with Cortana on Windows 10

Check the video.


|| [LOG] ||

Everybody knows that Windows Vista Speech Recognition was terrible, but just how much of a train wreck was it? Well, lets put it to the test! Can Ben write a story about a boy who goes to the shops to buy a packet of chips and a toy car, using speech recognition? Hehe, you might find that the computer decides to take the story in its own insidious direction.

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Random tasks using random software in random operating systems from random time periods… now this will be a lot more interesting! Don’t worry though as we may occasionally go back to our roots and do a few “original series” episodes.

I hope you guys enjoy this episode and look forward to whatever crazy task we do next episode on OSFirstTimer Advanced.

Demos of the PC speech recognition applications Google Voice Search,, Windows Speech Recognition, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

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Jeff Dean, lead of Google AI (Google’s artificial intelligence effort) explains what happens when you use OK Google’s artificial intelligence speech recognition. Want to learn more about AI? Try the Curiosity Machine AI Family Challenge:

** Python Certification Training: **
This Edureka video on ‘Speech Recognition in Python’ will cover the concepts of speech recognition module in python with a program using speech recognition to translate speech into text. Following are the topics discussed:

How Speech Recognition Works?
How To Install SpeechRecognition In Python?
Working With Microphones
How To Install Pyaudio In Python?
Use case

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Program your computer to LISTEN to YOU + RESPOND! [C# Programming] It is extremely easy to do, and in a few minutes, you’ll be asking your computer to do tasks for you!

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Link to have all English words in grammar without typing them:
Program Code: [Google Drive .txt file]
[If you just copy the code, remember to add the reference for speech recognition by going to the ‘references’ drop down area in the Solution Explorer, right-click on it, and click ‘Add Reference’. Click ‘.NET’ at the top, or ‘Framework’ on v.2012 and scroll down until you see ‘System.Speech’. Check the check box, and your copied code will now work!]

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Since Apple is so interested in Nuance’s speech technology, it is obvious that they plan to implement speech recognition in iOS 5 to a much greater extent than in the past.

This is my take on how Apple could implement universal speech control (by holding down the home button and speaking various commands to navigate the phone or perform tasks such as making phone calls) and how the speech recognition technology could be used to put dictate text into any text field (by long-pressing a text field or double tapping an already selected field).

Obviously, the commands to navigate the phone are limitless (i.e. “open texts, open messages, launch text messages”, etc — all mean the same thing).

My concept is the unobtrusive and passive nature that Voice Control will have in the future — instead of taking up the entire screen to say a command, the status bar at the top changes to blue and tracks what you say.

Also, I believe I have finally found and refined my “style” for Apple-looking videos.

The Apple Logo, iPhone, iOS, and Mac OS X are the sole property of Apple, Inc. located in Cupertino, CA. This is an independently animated concept for software development.

Windows 10 – Setup Speech for Dictation and Cortana

With Windows 10 we now have Cortana the personal assistant that can operate based on speech. Windows 10 also has a very rich and mature speech system which can be used to rapidly dictate to the computer to type letters, essays etcetera. Windows 10 speech can also be used to give verbal commands to your computer.

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Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors)

Welcome back in this video were can I have a look at how to set up so we see say speech recognition. Basically, there’s two kinds of versions of one is the version that comes through from Windows 7, Windows 8.1, which is a brilliant system where you can dictate your computer gift commands and things operate and a slight knee other version of the the version that comes with windows 10 that is basically the court and our speech get personal with the first version, which is a slightly older one which is in control panel. All you need to do is go here. Type in control panel to come up. These are factors okay and then start speech recognition that brings us to the menu we had before okay as click next okay. Choose a colour microphone that you are using in this case were using a headset microphone okay it gives information on how to position it properly okay. Click next and now really peer dictates to his computer. He prefers to typing, and particularly prefers it to pen and paper okay. It’s recognised our speech levels and instead of our speech levels okay Ahmad this point. If you have lots of Word documents, emails the country can scan them to find out how you generally write okay and then this will enable it to show is a construct better sentences using your speech and is fine. We don’t have the time to get that so will disable document review next okay. Choose an activation mode okay will use the manual version so basically when the speech activation. The shall we say which it starts up, you can manually activate or turn off okay will use manual activation okay. You could print your reference card regarding the special commands that might be nice, we are all just go ahead now am you can make sure that any start-up speech recognition starts, or you can click that and manually started okay will is only demo and widowers of this, and click next okay now, there is a tutorial that teaches you how to use it, you can start the tutorial and watch that it’s definitely work that will click skip tutorial okay SO that shared high that now seconds right okay, so this is the main thing now you can on okay and lets open up for example, word you do need to train the system to work a lot better again needs voice training you need to read.

So understands how your accent is very quiet for a minute will turn this off until that starts up okay, now once is trained okay if I was to turn this on hello C, it’s got over there. It has enquiry learned how to do it today is the so everything we are speaking, it is typing okay. But because it has not been trained in its complete nonsense. So there we go, improved voice recognition okay, and click on next. And we need to read these sentences okay, you’re basically training at okay and you keep trainee: will take about 1530 minutes okay you read through all the sentences and then it should be a lot better than when you turn back on and you type you speak the word. It will be fairly accurate okay. The other kind of speech recognition is the new Cortana a okay self we going to settings over here. Okay, the new modern version of farm speech okay, which is in PC settings you discover here. Click on settings or typing settings and then open that up days in time and language okay speech okay and then set up your microphone and the rest okay get started. Peter talks to his computer. He prefers to typing, and particularly prefers it to pen and paper and then get its almost the same as before okay Cortana needs to get to know me okay. Once you have it set up okay, and you’ve trained it okay. You will see so it works. Still not 100%. Obviously, because we only the short of training okay. However, we can now use this with Cortana as well okay. Basically the concept is settings and has turned off okay so basically you can use 10 over here to help you with it Control Panel and they say you can launch Control Panel. From here you can do settings Cortana being set up. Obviously, it can as mentioned before it can then act as your personal assistant and do a lot, lot more okay arm hopefully help. Thank you for watching

How to use speech recognition (Android)

A spot showing what voice recognition is capable of these days

In this video, we’ll make a super simple speech recognizer in 20 lines of Python using the Tensorflow machine learning library. I go over the history of speech recognition research, then explain (and rap about) how we can build our own speech recognition system using the power of deep learning.

The code for this video is here:

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As one of the world leaders in cyber tech, Israel hosted 2019 Cybertech in Tel Aviv, with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu making an appearance to speak about the industry developments and how they are being used against the country’s enemies.


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that his country foils Iranian-directed cyber attacks against it ‘on a daily basis’ as he touted Israel’s cyber prowess at the CyberTech conference in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

‘Iran attacks Israel on a daily basis. We monitor these attacks, we see these attacks, and we foil these attacks all the time,’ Netanyahu said.

‘Iran threatens us in many other ways. They issued in the last 24 hours threats that say they’ll destroy us, they’ll target our cities with missiles. We’re not oblivious to these threats. They don’t impress us. Because we know what out power is both in defense and in offense,’ he added.

‘But the important thing is that any country can be attacked today with cyber attacks and every country needs the combination of a national cyber defense effort and a robust cybersecurity industry. And I think Israel has that in ways that are in many ways unmatched.’

Netanyahu was speaking at the annual CyberTech conference in Tel Aviv, which drew thousands of cyber experts and firms from more than 80 countries for discussions on the latest trends in cyber and innovation.

Netanyahu touted Israel’s influence in the industry relative to its population, attributing it to investment in research and development and its leveraging of its national cyber defense efforts to boost private industry.

Israel is considered a world leader in cyber technology and innovation, exporting cybersecurity worth $3.8 billion in 2017 and is ranking among the top 10 percent in cyber academic research.

In the span of just a decade, Netanyahu said, the world’s top ten largest companies have all opened ‘major’ research and development centers in Israel, among them Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook.

‘Israel leads the world in investment in R&D as a percentage of [gross domestic product]…and has by far the highest percentage of R&D personnel,’ Netanyahu explained.

‘Cybersecurity is not merely here to stay, it’s going to grow exponentially,’ Netanyahu said.

‘I decided several years ago to turn Israel into one of the five cyber powers of the world and that required allowing this combination of military intelligence, academia, and industry to converge in one place. And where we’re doing that is in Beersheba in the south,’ Netanyahu said.

Beersheba, a city in the vast Negev desert of southern Israel, has experienced a rapid gentrification since the start of the decade fueled by the city’s ambition to become Israel’s cyber capital, especially since the creation of its cyber industrial park CyberSpark.

The two ultra-modern complexes house a dozen Israeli companies, start-ups, venture capital funds and foreign groups — such as Lockheed Martin, Deutsche Telekom, Oracle and IBM — which employ thousands technicians, engineers and researchers many of whom have studied at the computer sciences department of the local Ben Gurion University — part of a planned symbiosis between the university and the company.

Last year, the Israel Innovation Authority, the Ministry of Economy and Industry, and the National Cyber Directorate announced a dedicated program to strengthen the country’s cyber industry with an investment of NIS 90 million over the next three years.

A significant portion of the investment has been earmarked for further enhancing Beersheba’s CyberSpark hub.

Part of Speech tagging does exactly what it sounds like, it tags each word in a sentence with the part of speech for that word. This means it labels words as noun, adjective, verb, etc. PoS tagging also covers tenses of the parts of speech.

This is normally quite the challenge, but NLTK makes this pretty darn simple!

sample code:

Type without the keyboard, get the Dictation app at

You can use your Google Chrome browser as a speech recognition software. It’s mostly accurate and, best of all, it’s completely free.

[Update] I incorrectly mentioned in the video that Google Chrome’s web speech API works offline. You need an active network connection for Chrome to transcribe your voice in words. Sorry for the error.


Speech Recognition using Python

Learn how to convert audio into text using python.

Code here :

Stay Tuned 🙂

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While I don’t particularly like Microsoft, and found the Vista speech recognition gone wrong clip a good joke, several Microsoft blogger pointed out the that it was a case of selective media editing. I was interested in getting the whole story so I downloaded the 70mb MSFT Financial Analyst Meeting 2006: Steve Ballmer clip from here

Knowing there were probably others who wanted to see it but didn’t wish to retrive the whole file, I cut it to show the entire speech recognition part. If you haven’t yet seen the CNBC selectively edited clip, I suggest you watch it here Having seen this, while I still find the original clip funny, it’s clear the bigger joke is on CNBC for their selective, misleading editing and (rather silly as well) commentary…

The issues and reasons for the failure are discussed here

I’m not 100% sure on the copyright status, I hope that since Microsoft makes the entire clip available on their website and the CNBC selectively edited/misleading clip is available, they won’t mind. If they do, tell me and I will remove it ASAP.

N.B. As I hope I made clear above. I am NOT associated in any way shape or form with Microsoft, so please don’t accuse me of being so

සිංහල කතා කරද්දි, ඔටෝ ටයිප් වෙන ඇප්එක ඔයත් දාගන්න – Sinhala Voice Recognition Voice to Text Mobile app Explained and Review by Chanux Bro Sinhala Geek Show Sri Lanka. Google adds voice recognition for Sinhala and Tamil, sinhala speech to text converter sinhala speech recognition download sinhala voice recognition software sinhala text to speech software free download best sinhala speech sinhala school speech sinhala speech topics sinhala speaking software. sinhala speech to text converter, sinhala voice recognition software sinhala speech recognition download sinhala speaking software best sinhala speech sinhala school speech sinhala speech for students sinhala speech topics
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The speed to text feature on Microsoft Word actually lets you type words by saying them into your computer’s microphone. Use the speech to text feature for Microsoft Word with help from a professional programmer, designer, and developer in this free video clip.

Expert: Geoph Essex
Filmmaker: Victor Varnado

Series Description: Microsoft Office is a productivity suite that comes with many valuable programs like Office and Excel. Get tips on getting the most out of Microsoft Office with help from a professional programmer, designer, and developer in this free video series.

Prof. Emily Mower Provost (Computer Science & Engineering, University of Michigan) talks at the Michigan AI Symposium 2018.

The best virtual assistant program, it has amazing speech recognition this software is an AI digital assistant that can speak 38 languages and type, read anything you desire and has many advanced features.

– To signup visit:

To read more features:

Update 1.0.33 added facial recognition, calculator mode, and a schedule & status report. This advanced software can assist you with almost everything for your PC!

Automatic emotion recognition from speech is a challenging task which significantly relies on the emotional relevance of specific features extracted from the speech signal. In this study, our goal is to use deep learning to automatically discover emotionally relevant features. It is shown that using a deep Recurrent Neural Network (RNN), we can learn both the short-time frame-level acoustic features that are emotionally relevant, as well as an appropriate temporal aggregation of those features into a compact sentence-level representation. Moreover, we propose a novel strategy for feature pooling over time using attention mechanism with the RNN, which is able to focus on local regions of a speech signal that are more emotionally salient. The proposed solution was tested on the IEMOCAP emotion corpus, and was shown to provide more accurate predictions compared to existing emotion recognition algorithms.

See more on this video at

We fed 270,000 words spoken by Donald Trump into a computer program that studies language patterns. This system analyzed his word choice and grammar, learning how to simulate Trump’s speech. Here is the speech written entirely by artificial intelligence.

When prompting the neural network for written output, the system allows the user to select a “temperature”, which tells the program how creative or daring to be with its word choice. At low temperatures, the neural network always chooses the most-likely next character as it’s generating a sequence, while at high temperatures it will choose a character that’s farther down the probability list.

Donald Trump played by John Di Domenico
Recurrent Neural Network run by Janelle Shane

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A Trump Speech Written By Artificial Intelligence | The New Yorker

Chief Research Officer Rick Rashid demonstrates a speech recognition breakthrough via machine translation that converts his spoken English words into computer-generated Chinese language. The breakthrough is patterned after deep neural networks and significantly reduces errors in spoken as well as written translation.

For more information on Speech Recognition and Translation, visit

Microsoft demos the new speech recognition in Vista. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite go to plan…
Of course this was a long time ago, Vista’s fine today. As are Mac and Linux; to each his own.

Credits to scrubadub (check for user: scrubadub1 for more videos like this !) for sharing this first, until he got banned… Here we go again… Please don’t ban me.

Speech Emotion Recognition System Matlab source code

Speech emotion recognition is one of the latest challenges in speech processing. Besides human facial expressions speech has proven as one of the most promising modalities for the automatic recognition of human emotions.

We have developed a fast and optimized algorithm for speech emotion recognition based on Neural Networks. We have tested code on Polish Emotional Speech. Database of Polish Emotional Speech comprises 240 recordings from 8 actors (4 females and 4 males). Recordings for every speaker were made during a single session. Each speaker utters five different sentences with six types of emotional load: joy, boredom, fear, anger, sadness and neutral (“no emotion”).

Index Terms: Matlab, source, code, speech, emotion, recognition, human, computer, interaction.

Reference URL:

Discovery, research and coverage of the Simulated Reality errors AKA Mandela Effect.

D-Wave Geordie Rose Speech:

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