Why aren’t we talking about these scientific advances like brain interface implants, A.I., and its real life implications? Elon Musk is very candid when he discusses the future. For instance he proclaims that we aren’t going to continue to suffer from over population, but rather population collapse. And I agree with him 100%. As we move to a cashless society, the economically poor who depend on simple cash exchange for goods and services, and individuals that cannot for some reason or another have a bank account, will simply perish. The time has come that real decisions about the future need to be made if you do not want to be merged with machine. It’s coming faster than we know it. In this small expose’ I attempt to show the direct correlation of the occult and artificial intelligence. What is the occult? Hidden knowledge. The great obsession of every occultist, is to become privy to knowledge hidden and tucked away into the cosmos. The only knowledge you need to know is that one path leads to Satan and the other leads to “the Way the Truth and The Life” John 14:6. Thank you for checking out my new channel. I intend to make many more videos discussing similar topics. Here is a list of sources to help those who don’t know much about this to begin doing some research. It’s kind of a big deal that humans will be merging with machines in the not too distant future. God save us [More]