After being inspired by a talk given by Joscha Bach at the Human-Level AI Conference 2018, GoodAI thought it would be a good idea to conduct an informal interview with him to further explore some ideas. We teamed up with AI philosopher Jan Romportl who conducted the “interview” and what we got was a fascinating discussion. They discussed topics such as singularity, morality and ethics, as well as the development of intelligent life, viewing the universe as a search process directed by physics which was optimized by evolution, and then by intelligence. Some of the questions they tackle include: – How can we convince AI to share a purpose with us? – How did Marvin Minsky cause such a rift in the AI field? – Will global warming wipe us out before we create human-level AI? – What can we learn about the nature of emotions from the science of AI? We hope you enjoy the discussion as much as we did! Joscha Bach is a Cognitive Scientist at Harvard Program for Evolutionary Dynamics. He is interested in finding out how the mind works, and has an intensely curious about many domains, including physics, technology, politics and macroeconomics. Jan Romportl is Chief Data Scientist at O2 Czech Republic as well as Chief Science Officer at the AI Startup Incubator. His current research interests are in in the fields of anthropocene and safety of artificial intelligence.