In this tutorial, we will learn 1. What is incident response plan in cyber security Click on the 🔔bell icon to get instant notification of my new videos. You will get notified about future music, shows, covers and projects before anyone else. ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: 🎥MORE VIDEOS BY SECURE DISRUPTIONS Data Analysis: Cyber Security: Python Programming: AWS vs Azure: Azure tutorial for beginners: RECOMMENDED BOOKS AND COURSES We can’t recommend the guide “Cyber Self Défense” much if you are serious about your cyber defense or your cyber security. The guidebook is a definitive guide on internet security & privacy. Cyber Self Défense is split into super easy to follow chapters. Here’s a preview. If you want to learn in a self-paced manner and want to have a pocket friendly course, below course/s from Udemy are our recommendations. 1. Learn about Ethical Hacking from Scratch 2. Learn about Website Hacking / Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty Hunting 3. Learn about Practical Ethical Hacking – The Complete Course 4. The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed! Vol – 1 OTHER RECOMMENDED COURSES There is no denying the fact that the advantages of attending a course in live session mode are manifold. You can ask live questions, ask for repetitions of any concept, contact with your peer groups. If are serious and want to learn in a live session and ready to shell out some money, below courses from [More]
It’s time to revamp the way that businesses communicate and help their customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual assistants can help clinical teams, businesses, and communities stay informed and safe during this historical time period. Google’s Rapid Response Virtual Agent is a chatbot that adds massive scale to support any business team, and in this video you’ll easily learn how to set up this chatbot using a simple template. GitHub → Rapid Response Virtual Agent → Build and deploy virtual agent rapidly with Dialogflow → Dialogflow documentation → Contact Center AI → Get Started with Google Maps → For more videos like these, please subscribe → Product: Contact Center AI, Rapid Response Virtual Agent; fullname: Priyanka Vergadia;
In this episode, I chat with Rob Munro, CTO of the newly branded Figure Eight, formerly known as CrowdFlower. Figure Eight’s Human-in-the-Loop AI platform supports data science & machine learning teams working on autonomous vehicles, consumer product identification, natural language processing, search relevance, intelligent chatbots, and more. Rob and I had a really interesting discussion covering some of the work he’s previously done applying machine learning to disaster response and epidemiology, including a use case involving text translation in the wake of the catastrophic 2010 Haiti earthquake. We also dig into some of the technical challenges that he’s encountered in trying to scale the human-in-the-loop side of machine learning since joining Figure Eight, including identifying more efficient approaches to image annotation as well as the use of zero shot machine learning to minimize training data requirements. Finally, we briefly discuss Figure Eight’s upcoming TrainAI conference, which takes place on May 9th & 10th in San Francisco. Train AI you can join me and Rob, along with a host of amazing speakers like Garry Kasparov, Andrej Karpathy, Marti Hearst and many more and receive hands-on AI, machine learning and deep learning training through real-world case studies on practical machine learning applications. For more information on TrainAI, head over to, and be sure to use code TWIMLAI for 30% off your registration! For those of you listening to this on or before April 6th, Figure Eight is offering an even better deal on event registration. Use the code figure-eight to register [More]