Watch Google’s Jeff Dean talk about Google Brain and the Brain Residency Program. Jeff will will discuss the current state of the Google Brain Team, Tensorflow, the future directions of Brain and tell you a bit more about our Google Brain Residency Program (2017 application open now! Check out for more info! The first part of the video gives an overview of the work going on in the Google Brain team, and at 32:56 is a discussion about the specifics of the Brain Residency program. Links from the presentation: Brain Team link : Brain Residency Program link: TensorFlow: Github Links: TensorFlow github: TensorFlow/Magenta: ​ Links to papers: TensorFlow whitepaper – Learning hand-eye coordination for robotic grasping with deep learning and large-scale data collection – Adversarial examples in the physical world – Concrete problems in AI Safety – Photo credits: Scott Alan Miller, “Liesl Sleeping on the Couch.” Craig Chew-Moulding, “Green Kite Monster.” Jeff Martyka, Ultimate photo.