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We’re stoked to combine the power of Hololens and Vuforia to start building AR prototypes, especially given the Hololens competition Unity just announced. To get everyone up to speed, here’s a video on how to set up image recognition. Comment below if you have ideas on what you would like us to build next! As a last note, you don’t need a Hololens to follow along. Vuforia has a great Unity emulator. Hololens Academy: Install the Tools: Vuforia for Hololens: Welcome to the weekly FusedVR Tutorials! These videos/streams are a chance not only for anyone to learn more about AR/VR development, but also a chance for anyone to ask questions about LITERALLY anything! Whether it be about your own AR/VR development, your future projects, or just AR/VR in general, we would love to talk with you about it! Suggestions for future streams. Post Here: If you missed last week’s stream, here is a link to that video where we go over how to build fireballs like in Street Fighter or Dragon Ball Z: Interested in keeping up to date with the live streams? Follow us on social media or subscribe to the channel!