Want to know how to create a 3D model (digital twin) using your drone or why is this done? We go through why this is such a valuable way to inspect assets today and take you through the capture method for you to try yourself. We tested this on a real case study using 4 drones & you will be surprised by the results. 1) Mavic 2 Pro 2) Inspire 2/ X7 3) M200 X5 4) M300 H20T With a bit of practice, you can get create high-quality sub-inch resolution by using our capture methodology. This video plus more is in our online drone inspection course: https://dronemasterclassacademy.com/p/drone-inspections-sales Skip ahead to the sections: ► 0:46 Why create digital twins? ► 3:40 Case study (project background) ► 4:32 Which drone is best? Mavic/ Phantom/ Inspire/ M200/ M300 ► 7:07 Capture method options ► 8:42 Overlap ► 9:13 Resolution (quality) ► 10:49 Focus ► 11:23 camera settings ► 12:49 Horizon Happy flying legends! #digitaltwindrone #droneinspections #drone3dmodelling ——————————————————- UAVISUALS™ (Unmanned Aerial Visual Solutions) is fast becoming Australia’s preferred drone photography, cinematography & training specialists. We work on content creation for brands globally as well as workshops and corporate training. Enquiries: info@uavisuals.com ——————————————————- ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uavisuals ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UAVisuals ► Merch: https://www.dronemerchstore.com ► Web: https://www.uavisuals.com