Want to learn how to drive business ROI for your company with data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence? Watch our AI For Growth series: https://www.topbots.com/ai-for-growth/ TOPBOTS executives Mariya Yao and Marlene Jia interview top technology leaders from global companies to learn how they’ve successfully applied modern automation techniques to improve sales, marketing, product, and customer experience. Learn winning strategies from executives who have adopted AI for their enterprises and bring them back to your company. Today we speak with Rachael Rekart, Director of Machine Assistance at Autodesk. Rachael is a leader in strategic planning and change management, having spearheaded numerous technical initiatives with enterprise-scale impact. She led the development and implementation of Autodesk’s first application of artificial intelligence for customer engagement. Their virtual assistant Ava reduced resolution times by 99% and cut costs from $15-$200 per ticket to under $1. Read the transcript and summary of this interview on TOPBOTS: https://www.topbots.com/automating-customer-support-with-human-like-virtual-agents-autodesk TOPBOTS educates business leaders on high-impact applications of modern machine learning and AI techniques and helps leading organizations adopt and implement emerging technologies. We run the largest publication and community for enterprise AI professionals to learn about the latest machine learning and automation solutions and exchange insights with each other. Through education and community, we inspire you to think creatively about how AI can be used to improve lives, revolutionize industries, and build a better society – but only if we use it wisely.