Wish to build your career in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence space? Here is a video with the best advice from subject matter experts. Listen to these data scientists share tips on how to crack a data science interview or an artificial intelligence interview along with advice on how to make a career transition into AI, Machine Learning and Data Science. You will also find tips on how to build an effective resume. 0:33 AI Career Advice from Swiggy Data Scientist 2:12 Data Science Career Advice from Youplus Data Scientist 3:35 Data Science Career Advice from Flipkart Data Scientist 4:38 DS and AI Career Advice from K-Mart Data Scientist 6:09 Data Science Career Advice from Walmart Labs Data Scientist Subscribe to our channel to get updates on the latest videos. Hit the subscribe button now! http://bit.ly/36DfiCy Who is data science for? http://bit.ly/33M0a2T What are the required skills for data science? http://bit.ly/2qnTFFY What does Machine Learning Engineer do? http://bit.ly/2Yeewry Who are we? Springboard is an online learning platform that helps you master in-demand skills through a personal 1:1 mentor-led model and a project-driven curriculum. Over the last 6+ years, we have served 10K+ learners in 100+ countries. We are now in India and are offering Career Track programs in Data Science, Data Analytics and AI/ML along with job guarantee. Apply here: http://bit.ly/34JJt9D For more information, please write to us at india@springboard.com or call us at +91 8098866488 or +91 7483024694 Follow Springboard: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/springboardind/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/spri Twitter: https://twitter.com/springboard_ind Medium: https://medium.com/@springboard_ind #DataScience [More]