Years and years ago, I saw this movie called “Six – The Mark Unleashed”. It was a very eye-opening movie about just what type of society we’d be living in, in the near future. That future is NOW. And here’s the really creepy thing. In the movie, a super intelligent AI was “made in the image of the beast”. And IT was talking to the people who had taken The Mark and giving THEM orders and instructions to obey. And all the rest of the people in the movie who didn’t take The Mark were imprisoned and later KILLED! And back then, the movie seemed so far-fetched and “extra-dramatical”. Well guess what, folks? That “movie” is NOW BECOMING A REALITY! The city of Jerusalem is set to soon be divided, there’s talks of the 3rd Jewish Temple being rebuilt, not to mention that Trump and his administration want to move the US Embassy TO Jerusalem! There’s something going on here, folks! Something BIG that the media’s trying to cover up (for NOW, anyways…….) It makes me wonder if the 2 Witnesses are there in Jerusalem already and the media’s just trying to hide it or what…..(But that’s a different video for a different day). Here’s one of the weirdest things, folks. Not ONLY is there now an intelligent robot by the name of Sophia but Saudi Arabia has granted her CITIZENSHIP! That’s right…….CITIZENSHIP! What is going on here, folks? There’s ALOT of things the media’s not telling us about just [More]